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Default Slann?

Does the Slann and Slannesh have anything in common (Slann die and become an evil presence and take devine vengence on the eldar, like dark raiden in the recent mortal kombat)
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Default Re: Slann?

Simple answer: No, not even close.

Long drawn out answer:

Slann - in fantasy they are a bulbous lizard (though resembling more of a toad) that is extremely potent in the magic area. They use to be in 40k as the race of lizard men that followed the will of the old ones... though that was back in the rogue trader days.

Slaanesh - Depending on wether you are playing fantasy or 40k it is a representation of perversity and desire given form in the warp of chaos, thus creating the fourth chaos god (also is represented in extremes in both the dark eldar and eldar fiction... was caused by the eldars decent into a hedonistic society... etc....)

Technically they aren't even spelled similarly.
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