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When did the current, modern-day religions die out?
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I know, this is a very old thread, but one that recently got me thinking. I think many of the citizens of WH40K would be crying out for a religion of peace and hope. Christianity would find root on many worlds that have lost faith in the Emperor. Of course, the Inquisition would do its best to quash it, but like Christians in countries that do not tolerate religious freedom, their faith would be practised in secret. Christianity has changed a lot of just 2000 years. In 40,000 years it would probably be very unrecognisable to the faith of today, but in a future where there is only war, people would be looking for HOPE and that is what Christianity is all about really.
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I believe there's actually a black library book about one of the last old faiths (sounds a lot like Christianity). Basically it goes something like this:
So this priest is all like "Heresy! God is the one true god I know this to be true!"
And then the Emperor shows up
And the priest is all "Nope, I was wrong, you're the one true god."
As it turns out, all religions and myths of everyone ever were just the emperor doing stuff. The Emperor is Christian god (and by extension Jewish and Muslim god).
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