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can eldar navigate normal warp?
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Default can eldar navigate normal warp?

i was wondering if they could? if they cant what if an eldar is captured and put though th warp?
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Default Re: can eldar navigate normal warp?

Im pretty sure they can. And Eldar in the warp isnt that bad, an entire Craftworld was in the Eye of Terror and its now kickin' but outside...
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Default Re: can eldar navigate normal warp?

Eldar can indeed travel via "normal" Warp Space, though it is far more dangerous for them than for other races... it's like throwing a bloody corpse into a shark tank!
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Default Re: can eldar navigate normal warp?

What GW said, Eldar can travel through the warp in the way a guy dipped in blood can swim through a shark infested sea.

And if any eldar captives' ships go into the warp, well, I say the jokes on their captives, because those few eldar presence on the ships are enough to take the entire ship down. Deamons will breach the gellar feilds and the hulls and slaughter every crew within over several days, if not just annihilate the ship whole.

What happens is, there are deamons in the warp as we all know, and they are unnaturally drawn to eldar presence. Whilst human, orks and chaos ships may travel through the warp largely unnoticed, an eldar presence will draw every deamon in the immediate vicinity and drive them into a frenzy during which they will probably destroy the entire ship.
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