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Tallerains homeworld Tallarn?
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Default Tallerains homeworld Tallarn?

Trying to get a better understanding of the Dog-soilders within the Tau empire and well I thought I drew a link someone please help me out.
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Talleri...er_40%2C000%29Info about Dog-soilders

Now they are simmilar and I was wondering is it possible that this is a connection?

'Tallarn Rough Riders sometimes make use of Mukaali as they are well adapted to arid environments.' there is hostility between the Tallerrians and humans due to world bombings so is it possible they took over? as the creature looks like a lizard race.

http://www.forgeworld.co.uk/tmrrs.htm Model pics of creature native there

So please tell me am I way off ???
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Default Re: Tallerains homeworld Tallarn?


I'm fairly certain whoever did that Wiki article has just read my rules/fluff for them. I'd never heard mention of the whole ore and bore weaponry thing before I made it up.

No correlation between Tarellians and Tallarn.

You can find my rules and a bit of fluff on them here;


You can also find some stuff in the 3rd Ed Rule Book and the novel Kill Team.
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Default Re: Tallerains homeworld Tallarn?

I don't think there's any correlation. The Tarellians are mostly out in the eastern fringes, whereas I think Tallarn is more towards the centre of the Imperium (could be wrong).

The Tarellians' homeworld (or at least one of them) was subjected to exterminatus during the Great Crusade. Tallarn was virus-bombed during the Horus Heresy by the Iron Warriors, but this isn't the same event as it was definitely a human world at the time.

Info for this comes from the 2nd edition Imperial Guard Codex, BTW.
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