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Gue'Vesa squads
Old 12 Feb 2007, 23:03   #1 (permalink)
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Default Gue'Vesa squads

I'm thinking of making a squad of Gue'vesa marines (captured ultramarines) mixed in with normal gue'vesa. Can I make gue'marines?
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Default Re: Gue'Vesa squads

Gue'Vesa squads add character to an army but adding Astartes to the count just emphasizes ignorence. The Adpetus Astartes would never convert to the pitiful ranks of the Tau-ever. Even a servitor or Adeptus scribe would never become an auxillary. For the love of the Emperor, refrain from using Space Marines in a Tau army!
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Default Re: Gue'Vesa squads

Well, servitors are basically mindless, so they serve whoever is at the keys. And I could see Adeptus scribes joining up. But the Tau don't use prisoners for combat duty, and Space Marines are too indoctrinated to be converted for the sake of idealism alone. It took the power of Chaos to do it before.
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Default Re: Gue'Vesa squads

Chaos was successful because power corrupts, not benevolent mentality.
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Default Re: Gue'Vesa squads

In deed Space marines would never, ever join the Tau.

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Default Re: Gue'Vesa squads

I don't think Gue'Marines would ever happen. As a rule, Marines are brainwashed (not to say that the Tau aren't) to worship and die for the Emperor. No self-respecting Space Marines would comply with, much less fight for, foul Xenos, no matter who they are.
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how about if some humans on the edge of tau space somehow gained the knowledge, equipment, organs etc. to make some of their own space marines who then join the tau because the empire pissed on their cornflakes or something? seems quite resonable
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