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Slightly silly question...but...
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Default Slightly silly question...but...

How do the Skulls for the Skull Throne get to the Skull Throne?

Do they teleport there once they get lopped in his name, or does a Warp signiture of the skull come into existence there? Or do the Bezerkers physically carry them all the way back to the eye of terror?

Just wondering.
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Default Re: Slightly silly question...but...

the skull throne is a metaphor, it is made up of the departed souls of those who have been kiled by the minions of Khorne, but it is made up of Soustuff© not actaul physical skulls
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Default Re: Slightly silly question...but...

I think someone hasn't taken a trip into the warp yet.

The Chaos Gods do exist so there is probably a skull throne, though when an enemy is killed I would assume that a part of their soul wpuld be turned into a skull and placed there (since if it were material it would mean that daemons would be swarming all over it)
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Default Re: Slightly silly question...but...

The servants of Korne could open a warp portal throw the skulls in and then take them to the Throne.

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Default Re: Slightly silly question...but...

The Skull Throne, and indeed the Seas of Blood, are both real and ficticious at the same time.

Nobody ever physically adds to the Skull Throne; they just kill in the name of Khorne. Presumably, a Khornate army might collect severed heads of their enemies and build a "Throne of Skulls" out of it in honour of Khorne, but the actual, real-deal Throne is never added to. At least, not by any physical means... Khorne, due to its nature, grows more powerful through violence and bloodshed, and so presumably the more death and carnage done in his name, the larger his Skull Throne would become.
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Default Re: Slightly silly question...but...

And there is no actual physical throne - this is the Warp we're talking about after all. It's made of the same weird stuff as the Warp is.
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