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URGENT background novel advice needed
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Old 20 Jan 2007, 10:37   #1 (permalink)
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Default URGENT background novel advice needed

Going to be leaving in about an hour or 2 for a rather long train journey (I have a meeting on a sunday, how much does that suck!). Since I will be spending so much time twiddling my thumbs I thought now would be a good time to brush up on my background reading.

So I have decided to start reading the novels. Which one would be best for learning the most about the background universe? And if different, which one is the best written (I have a hatred of poorly written novels).

Advice ASAP would be appreciated.
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Default Re: URGENT background novel advice needed

Probably the Horus Heresy books. But the most open view is in the Rulebook

Most of the books are very entrenched in fluff, and very limited in scope and are often about a handful of characters on one world.
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Default Re: URGENT background novel advice needed

If you need a quick read- i don't know what army your most interested in- i would highly recommend beginning the Gaunt's Ghost novels- or anything else by Dan Abnett. I'm currently reading Double Eagle, it's fantastic. If you want to read an alien one however, you could 'ghost' firewarrior...
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Default Re: URGENT background novel advice needed

Yes. Dan Abnett is an extremely excellent fluff writer. He's also a very nice guy in person.

I myself really liked the Ravenor series, but anything by Dan Abnett is a good read. I've heard a lot of good things about Horus Rising, but besides that I'd go with a Black Library novel that has relations with your army. Like, I picked up Faith and Fire 'cuz I play Sisters. Instant interest. See?
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