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Eldars feelings on Tau?
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Default Eldars feelings on Tau?

While playing 40k with some friends of mine, I mentioned that if Space Marines weren't so stubbornly loyal to the Emperor that they would probably be the most able to join the Tau and the greater good. Then someone mentioned that they think Eldar would be the most likely to join the greater good. I was opposed to this as I thought it was just very against the Eldar's nature. Then we got thinking and none of us really knew how they felt about each other. Do any of you know? How do the Eldar feel about the Tau? And how do the Tau feel about the Eldar? Thanks!
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Default Re: Eldars feelings on Tau?

How do the Eldar feel about the Tau?
They at first thought the Tau would be a great force in the universe, but the Eldar soon changed their minds and decided that the Tau were too young and naive.

And how do the Tau feel about the Eldar?
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Default Re: Eldars feelings on Tau?

The Tau expect the Eldar to do the smart thing and join them in "their" Empire. But the Eldar are an ancient race, it would be like your younger brother leading you into battle and treating you as a lackey race. The Eldar only trust themselves to police the Universe and have to respect the other powers/Empires that occupy it... and make sure they don't get entirely in their way unles they have to.

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Default Re: Eldars feelings on Tau?

Would you, as a human, ever join a colony of ants? Ants can have pretty advanced societies, and in some ways those are even superior to human societies, but really, would you ever consider joining one? No? Then why would the Eldar consider joining the Empire....?
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Default Re: Eldars feelings on Tau?

There is the Eldrad Ulthan quote about wanting to protect the fledgling Tau- which gave rise to rumours that Tau evolution had been pushed by the Eldar or some other Old One affiliate.

But that's in addition to the Eldar superiority complex.
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Default Re: Eldars feelings on Tau?

Eldar view Tau as they view all the other races. Something to be used to gain the power they had lost. It is true that Eldrad does see a bit of the Eldar in the Tau themselves, but none-the-less he still sees them to be used for power. It's harder to say for Tau. They view the Eldar as a race to join The Greater Good, but also with suspicion.
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Default Re: Eldars feelings on Tau?

The most interesting thing about this question, which has been asked many a time before, is that the Eldar are an extremely fractured race, moreso than any other but Orks and maybe humans, depending on how many undiscovered human civilizations remain. For the most part, I think almost all of the Craftworlds would view themselves as entirely superior to the Tau and would react negatively towards them, though their actual responses would be very different. Ulthwe, however, would probably be quite likely to ally with the Tau if they weren't on opposite ends of the Galaxy and if Chaos were the target. That being said, none of the Eldar would ever consider joining the Tau Empire because they would see it as barbaric and weak in comparison to their own civilisation.
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Default Re: Eldars feelings on Tau?

didn't in one of the official fluff pieces on GWUK website say that one of the Tau expidition forces encounter Eldar and get soundly whipped?
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Default Re: Eldars feelings on Tau?

I always imagined the Eldar being the only galatic power to join forces with the Tau. But this Idea was based on the fluff that the Eldar are dead race holding off the darkness untill the end.
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Default Re: Eldars feelings on Tau?

There are not a lot of stories about Eldar fighting Tau. There is the one caption showing a Tau column being ambushed by Biel Tann Eldar (this is what Bob may be talking about). And there is that one story about Kroot killing some Rangers. But that is really about it. They haven't had all that much contact, as the Eldar don't want anything the Tau have and the Tau are not yet in a position to annex anything belonging to the Eldar.

I think the Eldar view the Tau in the same manner as they view everyone else. With extreme arrogance and contempt. The greatest weakness of the Eldar is not their lack of numbers, but rather their pride and their bigotry. All but the wisest have enormous difficulty in recognizing any worth in any other species. It does not help that their prejudices have so often proved to be correct.

So the Eldar would seek to manipulate the Tau as far as they are able, and might form temporary alliances to do so, but their stubborn pride would see them all perish before they dropped their barriers any further.
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