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The history of the Emperor
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Old 11 Nov 2006, 21:42   #1 (permalink)
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Default The history of the Emperor

Not sure if this is true or not, or if its common knowledge. Just thought I'd let you know. ;D

A Railgun or Fusion Blaster? As long as it blows the
other guy clean off the known world, I don't mind!

To put simply, I hate Necrons, despise Tyranids and simply kill Space Marine!
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Default Re: The history of the Emperor

Yep, thats about the size of it.

No love, it's GREAT Britain....the clue's in the name

Thanx to Kais for the sig
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Default Re: The history of the Emperor

I read that before, first time I actually knew what te Emperor looked like. hell, I'd fight for him.

We do exactly what it says.
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