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Tau armour
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Default Tau armour

A thing I have been wondering about for some time; what if regular Tau Fire Warriors had a 3+ armour save. I mean, their armour is almost fully enclosed, it shouldn't be too hard covering the last gaps and making it a little tougher?

My question is- would this be plausible fluff-wise? If yes, why? If no, why? The Tau evolve, and they surely must know by now that their current troop armour can't stand up to any dedicated firepower.

Your thoughts?
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Default Re: Tau armour

No, it isn't.

Based upon Inquisitor, the Tau cannot produce body armour as well as the Imperium can. The "Shas-Armour" is slightly weaker than Imperial Carapace, and the only parts that are comparable are the large shoulder-guards.

This leads me to conclude the Tau simply cannot make Heavy Armour without losing maneuverability, and thus only produce such technology in Battlesuits. It is also possible they do not know how to make "reactive" armour in the way Power Armour is.
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Default Re: Tau armour

Power Armour implies that the entire body is covered in heavy reactive armour plates, and the entire unit is powered so the wearer doesn't have to grunt the load himself.

By Inquisitor, most of the body of a Fire Warrior is simply mesh armour (might be mesh-carapace AV5 IIRC?) - I think that the torso and shoulder plate were the only real carapace armoured locations.
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Default Re: Tau armour

Well armour isn't just about coverage, thickness/hardness also play a roll. A firewarrior could easily have all the joints covered with more armour, but the armour is still just shas armour, not marine quality. This means you'll need thicker, heavier armour. So you end up adding more armour, and making it thicker, this means your guys can't move. So you have to give them a propulsion system, such as a jetpack. You also have to motorize their limbs, making the armour a moving exoskeleton. So what do you end up having? A crisis suit. power armour is really just a smaller more advanced version of a crisis suit, give the tau a few centuries and they'll have improved armour quality and miniaturized the locomotion enough to make power-armour styled stuff(in thoery, but we all know Marine fanboys outnumber tau fanboys, so they'll never have power armour. And rightly so).
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Default Re: Tau armour

I always thought they did have small scale armour comparable to power armour, oh hang on they do its called stealth suit. I allways thought to me self that the ole style just looked like a heavy armoured/weaponed tau firewarrior, not a actual suit like an XV, which the new 25 does so much better, i know some people don't like the 25 but its more plausable that it have the high-tech wizardry in it than the old style that just looked like a beefed up warrior, oh for the love of the greater good, im repeating me self!
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Default Re: Tau armour

Also, it does not play into the Tau tactics. I believe they strike fast at the enemies weak point, and before the enemy can react, they are gone. Deploying heavily armoured troops could flaw this tactic.
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Default Re: Tau armour

Actually, that's the same tactic that Marines often employ - Marines are stronger than Tau exponentially though, and have more advanced technology, so hefting the armour isn't a problem.
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Default Re: Tau armour

the armour is not fully enclosed (If looking at the modles) there is cloth visible on the ares, legs and back of the neck- and that's not taking into account the background stuff
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Default Re: Tau armour

More Armour means slower movement, and as such does not fit into the Tau way of war, which emphasizes mobility. Also, I think Fire Warriors look cooler than Marines. Looking good is better than being good.
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Default Re: Tau armour

Tau use a nano-crystaline alloy for most things. It is far lighter than Imperial Carapace Armour, but not quite as durable. Fire Warrior armor is also not complete coverage, as the Tau just wear fatigues underneath. So the 4+ is perfectly justified. Power Armour is a completely enclosed system, with interlocking and armoured joints. It pays for this, of course, by being very heavy. Tau can build armour of that quality, as evidenced by Crisis and Stealth battlesuits, but they can't build enough of it to equip Fire Warriors.
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