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The Chaos-Gods "corrupted"
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Old 12 Oct 2006, 21:29   #1 (permalink)
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Default The Chaos-Gods "corrupted"

Saw this on another forum and thought 'now this is one to make your brain spin'. So rather than have Star Wars fans dissect the idea, I wanted to see how 40k fans would run with it.

It finally happens: The Golden Throne fails, the GEoM dies and ascends to become a real warp-god and battle against chaos. An epic battle within the Warp takes place. It's the ultimate showdown between Good and Evil. Unfortunately the God-Emperor of Man loses. All is lost.
Or maybe not? In a last desperate attempt to save mankind the God-Emperor tries a desperate plan. He sacrifices himself to "corrupt" the Chaos Gods. Through sheer luck, destiny and act of plot it works. They retain most of their caracteristics which were neutral from a moral point of view, but their various "good" domains which were completely insignificant before are now their primary motivatons.

Yes. The Chaos Gods are now good guys. ;D

Khorne now represents honour and bravery and is the protector of the weak.
Tzeentch becomes the patron of progress and a bright future. The Greater Good, so to speak.
Slaanesh is now the god of true love, affection, creativity and an healthy dose of non-sadistic hedonism.
Nurgle now stands for hope, compassion and peace.

What happens now? The GEoM is dead, but the High Lords have suppressed all information about his death. The Imperium at large remains as it is and knows nothing about the changes. The redeemed Chaos God's worshippers know nothing either.

Can the "formerly ruinous powers" save the galaxy?

P.S: On a side note, what happens to the Chaos god's various warp demons? Would Bloodthirsters & Co change with their masters? If yes, what would be their new forms?
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Default Re: The Chaos-Gods "corrupted"

That's a heck of a theory there...

If the gods changed, their daemons certainly would as well.

In other news, I hate you SpiritBW. You've forced me to make a post-Emperor Chaos Army. You have any idea how much modeling that will take?!
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Default Re: The Chaos-Gods "corrupted"

Wow is all I have to say. This makes very little sense...

My honest opinion is that this idea is quite well not horrible just so far fetched it has the same chance Abbadon going to Terra and sharing a cold frothy beer with the Emperor.

But lets say that they did turn good, well then the universe would no longer be all fighting and dying. Most of the races would die out or be destroyed. So they will be humans and "good" daemons and any other races that were "good" per se.

Unfortunately the Emperor is well the Emperor, just really quite amazing and rumors are he is the star child destined to save mankind, not die.
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Default Re: The Chaos-Gods "corrupted"

NO! SLAANESH SHOULD STAY THE WAY IT ISZZZ!?!??!?!!!?? Twas better dat way :P


The eye of terror would become peaceful and would be colonised. The Chaos God's most greatest champions would form a big council on Terra and the Imperium would become a Republic(ium?). The chaos armies would be good and help fight off the enemies of the Imperium and what Demons were left and the several chapters that went rogue because they didn't want to see chaos in control, and the Tyrinadsand pirates. Then the Tau and Humans form an allience and share technology. Now in this big Republic(ium?) the Tau, Humans, Kroot and Vespid and any other Tau-assosiated race fight the enemies of the galaxy.
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Default Re: The Chaos-Gods "corrupted"

We've still got the Dark Kin to fall back on for the whole bondage-sadism thing...
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Default Re: The Chaos-Gods "corrupted"

Well..I don't know if they did become "good" think of how much convincing the rest of every one would need to just let them back let alone they left the first time what would keep them from going back,or as they would prolly think this(The Imperium).And There would be allot less war around the EoT and where ever else they fight Chaos, and allowing concentration towards other races,never said they still wouldn't be Xenophobic.So I'm not entirely convinced that much would change.Other then they would be at much harder fought wars with others.

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I could almost see that.
Like if a few Tau went off and they were found and brainwashed and what not. Then, they are made into Tau Marine things. That would be crazy. "And they shall know no close combat skills"~ Xv15 Stealth
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Default Re: The Chaos-Gods "corrupted"

It would allow good warp-entities to survive, and eventually manifest themselves on our plane.
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Default Re: The Chaos-Gods "corrupted"

to corrupt the warp gods you would need tp cheer up everyone in the galaxy, a big task even for the meperor.
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Default Re: The Chaos-Gods "corrupted"

Couldn't happen. As long as people keep overindulging, hating, stagnating and using sorcery the chaos gods will remain as they are.

Originally Posted by Luy22
NO! SLAANESH SHOULD STAY THE WAY IT ISZZZ!?!??!?!!!?? Twas better dat way :P
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Default Re: The Chaos-Gods "corrupted"

Originally Posted by The vilest worm
Originally Posted by Luy22
NO! SLAANESH SHOULD STAY THE WAY IT ISZZZ!?!??!?!!!?? Twas better dat way :P
Cus everybody like having their dicks chewed off. :
Whoa whoa whoa....Did this actually happen?!!??
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