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Gauss weaponry
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Default Gauss weaponry

The definition of Gauss is;

"A unit of magnetic induction, equal to 1 Maxwell per square centimeter."

So why are Necron weapons Gauss weapons?

The GW website states;
"Armed with gauss weapons that strip an opponent's molecules one layer at a time, the Necrons have fierce firepower."

A Gauss weapon is one that uses electromagnetic force to propel an object. Essentially a coilgun. A coilgun is alot like a railgun but without rails. To add by definition a Gauss weapon is the same as a coilgun 'A linear induction motor'

I am pretty sure that Gauss Weapons then cannot do what GW states. Particularly if you are going by drawings and sketches of the actual effect of these weapons with 'crackling energies'. Electromagnetic radiation could indeed 'fry' a person alive but only in the way of seriously focused radiation beams e.g. Microwaves or gamma rays. In addition 'A linear induction motor' is not 'firing' radiation, it is only creating a field with which to accelerate a mass.

SO my big question is what is and how does the GW Gauss weapon work?

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Default Re: Gauss weaponry

well the reason it's called a Guass gun is because that sounds ultra-hip and cool and is basically the PR deparmtemnts way of pulling in people who like pseudo-science. the only thing I can think of is a weapon that uses a reversed induction motor to take things off of other things, but that makes no sense with the crackling green thing unless you add in psuedo scinece again which make it a perfectly logical technology. In other words it is impossible but GW is counting on people not delving to deeply into the fluff, it works on the Imperium Principle; ignorance is power
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Default Re: Gauss weaponry

Just like several GW techs, it doesn't make sense in the real world.

It's best left to imagination.
Originally Posted by Wargamer
Aha, a brilliant point Impulse!
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Default Re: Gauss weaponry

GW is like anime...

1) How'd they do that?
2) Don't ask...
1) Why'd they do that?
2) Don't ask...
Originally Posted by Komrad
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Default Re: Gauss weaponry

Yea... don't go into it this much. I love fluff too, but this is rediculous. It doesn't have to make sense, it just has to sound cool.

I imagine the Necron weapons have a similar effect to the weapons that the Tripods have in War of the Worlds (with Tom "Scientology" Cruise.)
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Default Re: Gauss weaponry

That makes sense... Anyone here beaten DoW: Winter Assault? At the end, there are a bunch of Necrons and monoliths that try to ruin your day (easily killed, though). Their weapons shot green bolts of lightning or the like. Some of the "finishing moves" used in CC (you know, like when an Assault marine loads a victim full of bolts before pulling his sword out of it's gut) involve continuous bursts of the green stuff. It suspends the enemy in air or something to that effect, and shakes it violently before vaporising the flesh. That's what I remember, at least. I wish GW would at least make somewhat of an effort to use somewhat accurate words....
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Default Re: Gauss weaponry

I tried to use science to explain them, once. But then I found out thats how plasma REALLY works...

(Plasma ought to be the ultimate weapon with its own "I rip the electrons from your atoms and dissolve you" rules)

Try this: A Necron Guass weapon uses "electro"magnetic coils to shoot SOMETHING like antimatter. Thats the closest we have to any semblance of reason.
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Default Re: Gauss weaponry

Well no matter which way you put it, dying from Gauss weaponry is definitely painful. The science doesn't matter into it. If it hurts, it's bad. However, that being said, I agree with the All-father.
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Default Re: Gauss weaponry

You guys realize that Gauss weapons aren't actually Gauss weapons at all but instead some sort of green-lighting gun, right? A Gauss gun (correct name Coilgun) would be what the Tau Railgun is (another misnomer).
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Originally Posted by RealMenUseCarbines
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Default Re: Gauss weaponry

If a Gauss weapon creates such a horrible death as to strip you down molecule by molecule in a burst of green lightning.. why does it essentially have the same stats as a bolter?
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