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A question...
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Default A question...

Does anyone know exactly what Soul Seeker ammunition does? I don't mean game-wise, I mean fluff-wise. I can't find any description of what it does. Judging by the name, it seeks out souls somehow... does it guide itself through the air or something?

Its just something that's been niggling at me...
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Default Re: A question...

Uh, What army?

Probably just artistic liscence. calling a gun " The ultimate waster of n00bs" makes it abit better than a gun called: " Pippy the piddly gun" .
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Default Re: A question...

Originally Posted by Krell
Uh, What army?
I think it's Eldar, maybe Harlequins, but am not sure.

I'd assume it somehow homes into targets psychic signature (like heat seeker, only targeting psychic output instead of body heat), but this is all my own speculation.
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Default Re: A question...

sounds eldar or some bullsh*t marvellous invention made up by the inquisition
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Default Re: A question...

Originally Posted by Little Bunny
sounds eldar or some bullsh*t marvellous invention made up by the inquisition
... :?

Soul Seeker ammunition is specialist Dark Eldar ammol; it's a varient on splinter ammunition, made of captured wraithbone. I assume it's psycho-condusive and homes on its target.

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Default Re: A question...

I remember it being something that is ridiculously overpriced and so nobody I know uses it...but as for what it is in fluff, I think it's taken from wraithbone the Dark Eldar take from Wraithlords and such that they slice up. Why they shoot it at someone rather than keep it for something I'll never know...it's not that powerful, but works by -predictably- homing in on the lifeforce of people and takes the actual shot (I assume the actual ammunition itself is a normal splinter, not a bit of wraithbone :P) to where it's supposed to.
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