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forge worlds
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Default forge worlds

is there a forge world army list. i mean with the dudes from the rule book with burst cannons on their arms and red cloaks that are like robots? they could be like the iron hands chapter, with more vehicles for most heavy, fast and elite choice, with a tech priest hq.
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Default Re: forge worlds

Ah, your talking about the Adeptus Mechanicus, I don't believe they have an army, though you can try to make one with already existing rules. Here's a good thread on someone that was trying to build one.

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Default Re: forge worlds

If I remember right the Adeptus Mechanicus have the Skitarii legions. You can resemble this with IG traits or you can do a SM army primarily devoted to the machine god like the Iron hands using the scions of mars.

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Default Re: forge worlds

Originally Posted by Alex
Wow, if you could get them to look like those ones in that link WOW that would be soooo good
I like them even more than the White Dwarf Skitarii they had a fair ways back to investigate a Tyranid infestation that got offed by the Deathwatch. Those (the White Dwarf ones) were far more mechanical and I preferred their Ogryn Servitors, but I definitely like the colours of these ones here. Awesome stuff.
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Default Re: forge worlds

do you have any alternitives to greenstuff, i stink at it
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Default Re: forge worlds

i thought they had their own titans :-\
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Default Re: forge worlds

Originally Posted by Renolds
i thought they had their own titans* :-\
The tech priest do have them. But they also boost their titans by using skitarri as meat shields and also to make thyat even more nastier, they use their super tanks.

And the warseer guy's techpriest are beautiful...I love the conversions. Hard to do and also looks goo ion the table.
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Default Re: forge worlds

I highly doubt we'll ever see an Adeptus Mechanicus list.. they're essentially highly augmented Guard units (Skitarri), with the Titan Legions. That said, the Titans make up the vast, vast majority of their force projection ability, and are completely impractical for the standard, say, 2,500-point game.
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Default Re: forge worlds

Psst. Go to the minor races board and look at the stickies.
Originally Posted by Komrad
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