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Important notices
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Default Important notices

Okay, I'm seeing too much of this and it's getting me quite annoyed. In this board, when discussing things, refrain from referring to the future.

And this is almost exclusively targetted at Tau, when we argue things, with references to technology, galactic status quo and what-not, people arguing on the side of Tau always says random crap about the future. DON'T DO IT

Why? Because we know GW won't drastically change anything to do with fluff realistically. But more importantly, simply because we don't know ANYTHING about the future. Sure 1000 years from now Tau could be masters of the galaxy, but 50 years from now they could be just as likely wiped out because Hive Fleet Leviathian decided the Tau Empire looks like a tasty morsel. Yes Tau could be the one answer to a unified enlightened galaxy, but a genetic mutation could occur just as easily and the psycker gene could develop. WE KNOW NOTHING. Speculation proves nothing and adds no point to your argument. I want all random half assed speculation about the future to STOP. They have a place, but not as valid points because they prove nothing and add nothing to the argument.

The 40k universe is one of sudden unpredictable changes. The Fall, the age of strife, the navigator gene, they all happened within a short period of time and outside of any logical projection. Its folly to try to predict what will logically happen in a few years time and then try to pull that off as a point in a debate or discussion.
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Default Re: Important notices

Thank you.

I'd also like to add, if I may, that saying the tau will survive the next millennium because "tey s3l 600d5" will result in an immediate bazooka to the left testicle. Daddy don't play.
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Default Re: Important notices

So we shouldn't speculate on the future then?

In that case, feel free to remove the Karma point I was given for The Tau'va in M42 and beyond - I wouldn't want the heretical act of attempted divination to go unpunished...

I'm detecting a serious case of the forest-for-the-trees syndrome here - but then I was reading the Wood Elf army book not so long ago!!

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Default Re: Important notices

I think that the point of this is that intelligent speculation is allowed, but stupid speculation is not.

For example:

"It is clear that the Biel Tan are becoming more agressive with every passing year. It cannot be coincidence that the reappearence of the "Autarch" into canon was done via the Biel Tan's attack on Baran. The Craftworld will clearly continue to become more and more militaristic, until such time as there is little left that motivates the Craftworld save conquest."

"Tau are really good now so in like 100 years they'll own everyone!"
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Originally Posted by Tom Norman
"Wargamer is never wrong, Frodo Baggins; he knows precisely the rules he means to."
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Default Re: Important notices

Clever, insightful and productive:

What Wargamer thinks.

Foolish, ill-spoken and devoid of reasoning:

What everyone else says.

Haha...well, if people actually bothered to talk about things that are evidenced by a gradual trend across fluff and canon statements, then it's possible to guess -realistically- what the future will be like. Fanboyism is a dreaded curse...at least it's well-contained on these boards and not anywhere near as prevelant on others...and that's something we can all be thankful for. Thinking about the future is good, predicting it is fine...but actually basing this on observations, careful analysis and something other than a "but it would be so awesome" argument generally yields more positive feedback and further consideration.
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Default Re: Important notices

Yes Nerroth but there you were arguing why it would be possible for the Tau to rise.

The same way WG's speculation was about the motivations of Biel Tan.

Note here "possible" and "motivation"

The point I'm making here is, everything's possible and you can argue why they're possible. That's all fine. But then you get the nubs who are so sure that Tau will die tommorow or rule the entire galaxy tommorow (not saying it can't happen, humans before the navigator genes was hopeless, eldar before the fall was almighty, it takes a very short period for a race to rise into greatness or sink into the dust of history)

In fact if you really thought about it, most pivotal changes in 40k falls completely outside of logical projection. Age of strife, the fall, golden age of technology, horus heresy....

Oh and one more thing:

In fluff debates, refrain from bringing 40k game stats and GW's commercial interests into the mix
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