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Races of the Halo Zone/Ghost Stars
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Default Re: Races of the Halo Zone/Ghost Stars

Originally Posted by Wargamer
Some time ago, on EO, we made a project about the Dark Age of Technology; creating a human army from that period.

From that I created (with some help, I admit) an army called the Halo Commonwealth; a more "traditional" sci-fi humanity from beyond the reaches of the Imperium.

I put a lot of work into them, and did quite like them as an idea. Ironically, they became overshadowed by races I developed simply to oppose them...
Is this creation lost, or can you repost it. Some kind of hyper-advanced human society from the Halo Stars sounds facinating.
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Default Re: Races of the Halo Zone/Ghost Stars

Alas, much of the work is currently gone... lost within whatever inaccessable corner of the Webway Sol Shanestra currently inhabits.

However, the core of the Codex is recoverable. I'll post it up at some point.
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Originally Posted by Tom Norman
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