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HELP! I am so lost.
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Default HELP! I am so lost.

Well guys, it has been quite a while since I have been involved in modern 40k stuff. I still play with my buddies, but basically have no recent fluff knowledge. I was at Barnes and Noble today and picked up all three books of The Beast Arises trilogy........and saw that it said we are now officially in the 32nd millennium, the Chaos Legions are dead and gone, the Emperor officially died, and peace is all around basically. WHEN DID I MISS ALL OF THAT? Last I heard a select few knew the Golden Throne was slowly fading, many traitor primarchs still lived, and xenos were every where. So how much have I missed and how can I ever catch up? Is there other novels I should read first? I have read most of the older novels and most of the Horus Heresy. But again, none of the newer stuff. Is there websites I should go to to check stuff out? I saw on the GW page that armies are split up differently now. Basically how can I catch up lore wise quickly? Thanks for your time.

TLDR; Absent player recently picked up novels saying we are in 32nd millennium, chaos and xenos are defeated and the God Emperor is dead. Last I remember Golden Throne was slowly failing, chaos was ascendant and xenos was rampant. What did I miss?
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