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the cytherian annexation battlesuits
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Default the cytherian annexation battlesuits

mods, move this thread if its in the wrong place, couldnt find a better one,

in the BOB, in the middle section, where it describes the various races, thee is a section for the tau marked The Cytherian Annexation.

at the top of the firs page there are 2 battlesuits

a "Brightwind" and a "Fireknife"

now im not 100% on what a brightwind is (its displayed as a burstcannon, plasma rifle), but i am damned sure that a fireknife is not TwinLinked Fusion Blasters.

just another example of GWs amazing proof reading i guess.

anybody else seen glaring mistakes like this in the rulebooks?
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Default Re: the cytherian annexation battlesuits

- The 5th edition Codex: Imperial Guard really decided to screw up the timeline (or, hopefully, is just patently wrong). Check out a detailed explanation here.
- We don't actually know when Farsight got his name, fought the Arkunasha War, or defected. Detailed discussion here.
- We can only conjecture as to when Nimbosa was actually occupied by the Tau and retaken by the Imperium (see footnotes to timeline here). And though there are references to the Tau re-conquering Nimbosa, they are sketchy at best.
- Planetstrike confuses references to Gnosis Prime in 786.M41 and Kiliak in 838.M41. Check out an explination here.
- Lastly, the Ultramarines 3rd company liberate the Lagan system from the Tau Empire in both 989.M41 and 989.999.M41. Not such a big deal, really.
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