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Custom Rules
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Default Custom Rules

Aright, Ive got a giant pile of various custom rules I need to polish and finish, including an entire codex. I'll start off light, with a special sally char. Feedback of any sort is much appreciated.

Elite Choice - Ambr'eh the Righteous.

WS 4 BS 5 S4 T4 W1 I3 A1 Ld9 Sv 3+ 50points.

Alone among his battle-brethren, Ambr'eh has refused all offers of promotion. Declining such honors is looked on with confusion by his fellow marines, but none can doubt his valor on the battlefield. For hundreds of years, Ambr'eh has only ever sought to engage the enemy by any means necessary. Ambr'eh may be taken as a replacement for any one tactical or devestator marine in any squad.

The Salamandra - Counts as either a flamer or a melta, declared prior to shooting.
Frag and Krak grenades.
Melta bomb.

Special Rules:
No Retreat - If Ambr'eh is the only model remaining in his unit, he gains the Fearless special rule.
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Default Re: Custom Rules

Hi. I thought i'd comment because no one else had the time. like you i have my own special rules, although its for a commander on tau online i'm trying to get feedback for (only a little more sucessfully).

I take it your person is a special character so would probably would actually have around 2 wounds so that would be a good decision. I think that the assorted grenades aren't that useful and could be better spent on another weapon or some other wargear. The points seems about right but to be honest you really need to give some more info such as special rules, unit type (movement), any extra options etc.

Although i quite like the fluff on him and hope to see more of your ideas.
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