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The Siege of Goddeth Hive
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Default The Siege of Goddeth Hive

Chapter Master Sondak Kralion of the Black Consuls stood on a ruined bunker, watching the raging battle. His marines had been assaulting the Ork held hive world for a little over six months now, and his men were almost spent. Honored Brother Uriel, the Consul's chapter champion, walked up to Kralion, sword clanking against his power armor.
"Sir, Warboss Grugtanz is mobilizing his forces on the lower bridge," Uriel announced.
Kralion asked,"How many men do I have left?"
"439," answered Uriel, "We have four terminators left, and the 5th Company is at nearly full strength."
"Very well. Mobilize all the men and put one third of them under Captain Rorex's command. Tell him to hide in the palace ruins, and when I give the signal, charge into the Orks' left flank. Make sure he knows to do it right. We'll only get one shot at this, and I personally want to blow those Orks of the face of the galaxy and get out of this fething pit."
Rorex, Captain of the 5th Company, was overjoyed to hear of his command. Kralion's men marched straight up to the Orks until they were less than 600 feet away.
"Charge!!!" screamed the Chapter Master. Rorex and his marines burst from cover and were about to slam into the greenskins' when six Orks stepped into his path. It was Grugtanz and his Meganobz. Rorex swung his sword, only to have it stopped by a Nob'z armor. Grugtanz struck woth his Power Claw, and he ripped the Captain limb from limb. His alien soldiers came to his side, and in less than 20 minutes the Space Marines were killed. Soon, Kralion and Uriel were the only two survivors. Whirling furiously, Uriel cleaved a Nob'z head from its body.. However, three boyz jumped him from behind and sliced the ancient warrior into four pieces. Kralion was suddenly calm. He knew he was about to die, it was just a question of where he would make his last stand. He slowly raised his sword, ready to face his doom.
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