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tau drone
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Default tau drone

if u have seen my first post then welll......ya ...this is my firstshot at a tau drone im working on a tetra. i made the drone using one of my own and any comments will appreciated thanx and there will be more any help on tau units blueprints will be greatfull and im using 3d studio max 8 and its a low poly model the base part of the drone (is very complex so i stucked to very basic idea so it may look kinda off .....p.s. any one know a good free web hoster cause geocities has a limited bandwitdh.... ;D :P hey any canadians
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Default Re: tau drone


are space elfs. Of course their boots never get dirty, their stuff won't get dirty, their weapons won't get dirty, their hair won't get dirty, the aspect warriors won't get dirty, and their women won't get dirty - which is also why they are a dying race. ^-^
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Default Re: tau drone

Very nice job, If no one else comments on your drone don't get cut, im still waiting for other people to comment my pulse carbine


*gives two thumbs up*
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Default Re: tau drone

very nice looking drone and looks like the real thing try and now do a sniper drone and get bigger and bigger and again well done
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