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codex: Protoss.
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Default codex: Protoss.

Hey everyone!

I was kind of sitting by my lonesome (depressing i know)

And thought it might be cool to come up with a protoss codex (ya know, starcraft)

First of all. Would this be violating any form of copyright law XD I have bad luck with this stuff...

Second, Anyone think it would be cool?(or is it already made?)

I was going to convert Tau into them (as they basically have the look)

But a quick summary of ideas is below:

-They would be a super tough army with powerful weapons and possibly constant invulnerable saves (as in game they have force fields) But only along the lines of 6+
with a basic save of 4+-5+ (as they are rather fragile)

-Very expensive. Otherwise. it'd be bad. let's just leave it there. They will probably level necrons in that "ability". :P

-Zealots will be the main troop (who would've guessed!) But they will be amazing melee. and a possible upgrade will to give them leaping.(so they can assault 12")

I'll have more later. Unless this is deemed unconstitutional.
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Default Re: codex: Protoss.

If its for fun, its not violating any copyright laws unless you try to sell it.
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Default Re: codex: Protoss.

Woah, tone it down.

Just because they have shields, doesn't mean their starship grade. I'd count it as an armor save, because the Shields have to be way weak, just to deflect 7 or less bolter bullets before the fail.

And as I do agree that zealots would be awesome, (Like twin force swords).

Don't try and make new weapons, just take the toss weapons, and use the closest comparable 40K weapon, IE: Dragoon is a plasma rifle, Dark Templar is Force sword + Infiltration, High Templar as a Libraion (Sp?) without weapons.

If you do that, I think this race would be a very creative venture, I'd love to see how they'd take on the Tau, Space Marines, and the 'Nids.
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Default Re: codex: Protoss.

i have got a protoss codex that needs playtesting if you want me to email it to you (i just tried posting it - it is too big and the formatting went all strange )

Just PM me your email address and i'll send it to you (i need some guys to playtest it anyway)
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Default Re: codex: Protoss.

apologies for double post but ive sent you the codex

have a fun (and very destructive) day :
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