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Modded sentinels
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Default Modded sentinels

Sometimes, sentinels crews modify their rides to perform tasks not originally intended for them to perform .

Transport sentinel:
Sentinel modified to carry extra cargo on the back (via pickup bed) such as extra supplies or even a small group of men. Command groups often use them for a better view and protection from light arms. Has transport capability 6, may be chosen as transport option for command squads.
costs + 10pts, upgrades as per sentinel.

Combat Sentinel:
Closed-top Walker
bs, ws, initiative 3
AV: 11/11/10
2 versions:
Eagle fire-support version and Marauder close-combat version.

Eagle - choose any 2 options from the regular sentinel at their cost, picking the same weapon twice makes it twin-linked as usual.

Marauder - comes with a pair of close-combat power weapons at S6 (Hydraulic claws, drills, hammers, pistons, chainsaws, etc.) and a storm bolter. (one bolter on each arm, or a little turret on top). gains the normal +1 atk from pair of ccws, loses attack if one destroyed, if both ccws destroyed, goes to normal sentinel strength.

I seem to recall something called a sentinel powerlifter awhile back that either had better strength or power weapon, not sure which.
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