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The Void Caste Remake
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Default The Void Caste Remake

It's been a while, but I'm back.
I started this idea a very long time ago, but it's grown quite a bit since I originally came up with it, though it still needs tweaking
The void caste is a mysterious sub species of the tau, they are more lithe, dexterous and flexable than other tau, they are also smaller.
I'm still working on the conditions they speciated under... I'm thinking jungle, or maybe caverns... but I need help on this point. Anyway...
The Void caste is the least numerous of all castes, they are under the direct employ of the Ethereals, and only the most important members of the other castes have any idea that they exist. These are the Assassins of the Tau, incredible hunters, they prefer to use a weapon known as the Cardiac Disrupter, a rifle that sends an electrical burst into the targets heart, mimicking a natural heart attack. They do not wear the bulky stealth suit armor, but instead use the same material as the Sniper spotters' clothing. They are never deployed in teams of more than 3 at a time. Their job is to take down important enemies in such a way that there is no suspicion that he/she/it was assassinated.

Void Caste members are heavily augmented with Bionics, One of their eyes is replaced with a bionic targeter and other useful tools, they also have a dead-man-switch implanted on them. If a Void Caste member dies, this device automatically explodes, destroying the body and all of the Void Caste Member's equipment. Just in case, there are also similar devices on all of a void caste member's equipment, which he can activate manually or they can automatically activate upon his death. As you have probably guessed, Void Caste Funerals are a pretty exciting affair.
Finally, they have a computer implanted in them with multiple wire extensions for easy access to most computers, they can then hack the device through thought, none of this clickity-clackity or speech control computers. Please note this is not psionic in any way... it is a implanted computer.

Void Caste Members travel in special Shadow-Class Orca Dropships, augmented with shade fields to prevent detection. These Drop ships have no armaments, and extremely little armor, they are also much smaller than a normal Orca. They are built for speed and stealth. They can be remotely operated by the Void Caste member who it is assigned too.

Please give me any suggestions you can on this mysterious new subspecies of the tau, I have worked hard on them and will appreciate any suggestions you have.

This is the Original if you want to read it
My comic, luck v. fate, and a guy (who is only coincedently resembles the author) who's stuck in the middle.

Shas'O Tash'var Vral Ko'Vash'Shi: "Or'es'Shas has only met with one crippling defeat, at the hands of the metallic dead... and we shall purge them form the galaxy, not just to avenge our fallen, but to prevent them from slowing the greater good's advance ever again." Before the battle to save refugees on Medusa V from being harvested by the Shadow Lord, a necron lord and killer off over 500 fire caste on the planet Yadsmood.
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Default Re: The Void Caste Remake

Okay, new Tau Caste...

Well, that's a 0/10 from me just from reading the title. Don't see the point in going any further...
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Originally Posted by Tom Norman
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Default Re: The Void Caste Remake

Not good to stretched.
They look like cheap version of Predators.
I would rather go with path of special ops from Fire cast trained to be assassins , new caste is quite unfluffy.
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Default Re: The Void Caste Remake

I'm not going to rag on you as much as the previous people, just so you know the "Ethereal" caste are the "Void" caste. Ethereal, Void...the names kinda go with eachother.
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Default Re: The Void Caste Remake

For purposes of deconstruction and reconstruction:

Stealth fields have been established for larger vehicles in a limited sense. So the Stealth-Fielded Orcas are probably okay.

The idea of another Caste is a little odd. They would have had to have been a separate subspecies that basically developed as assassins. That seems to run counter to the dream the Ethereals held for the Tau.

But I can see it as a potential nickname for a type of detachment whose mission was not all that popular with the rest of the Fire Caste. Something inspired by study of Imperial tactics, but which the more honorable among the Fire Caste found distasteful. It could be a role the Ethereals have given to half-caste Tau and other genetic abberations, if you want to put a darker spin on it. A way to give them a role in the Greater Good while keeping them out of sight.

The Cardiac Disrupter might work better as part of a larger repertoire of weapons. What works on a Tau may not work on a Human, let alone a Space Marine. Tyranids and Orks are likewise too different in terms of biology, while Necrons have no heart to attack. The computing idea poses similar problems. We have no idea to what extent human systems are accessible in this way. Given the huge variations in technology, you are likely to encounter systems that are run in vastly different ways. It seems doubtful that the Imperium would be prone to "hacking". And of course, none of the other races in 40k would vulnerable to this sort of information warfare at all.
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Default Re: The Void Caste Remake

Originally Posted by Wargamer
Okay, new Tau Caste...

Well, that's a 0/10 from me just from reading the title. Don't see the point in going any further...
Wow, an amazingly unbiased review! Surely this guy deserves an opinion about this creation! : Seriously, give this guy a chance. Just reading the title isn't enough to rate him by.

The idea does seem cool, but it's hard to work another caste into place, due to the established fact that there are definitely just four castes. However, reworked into current fluff a little more, e.g. Fire Caste volunteers with "upgrades", this would be worthy of great applause. There's potential, but it's untapped and unmoulded. For more info, read Khanaris' post, as he's put what I wanted to.
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