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Tau Doctorines?
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Default Tau Doctorines?

One thing im really disturbed on, is that only beakies and those pancys Imperial Guards got Doctorines. Id be very happy if ALL codexes got doctorines... are there anyone who knows or can create doctorines for tau?
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Default Re: Tau Doctorines?

Tau don't need, nor deserve Doctrines.

The entire Empire is, galactically, insignificant. They occupy a region of space that is barely large enough to stage a decent crusade, their race hasn't been alive long enough to develop the kind of tactical niches Doctrines represent, and their armies basic tenets deny the kind of significant deviations Doctrines represnt.
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Default Re: Tau Doctorines?

Ignoring the bitterness...

Tau training seems to be much more uniform than that practiced by the Imperium. Space Marine Chapters are very independent, and have been for a long time. The same is roughly true for Imperial Guard regiments in terms of equipment and training. But the Tau are still very much centrally-controlled, and so their training differs little between septs. The size and duration of their Empire are not really that important. You could achieve divergence representable by doctrines on a single planet within a single generation if you wanted to. It is simply a question of choosing independence over uniformity in the structure of your military.
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Default Re: Tau Doctorines?

Well, in my opinion, if Farsight could be viewed as having his own beliefs on war, asa well as Bright Blade, you could probably se them as precident. Maybe any new ones could be other breakaway factons/rogue leaders(oddly reinds me of the old Roman Empire in the East/West...). Leaders who have received insight as to a way of doing things.

Just a thought to keep the horizons open.
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