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fun little guys
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Default fun little guys

Here's a little alien I made for a 40K game...they're actually a pain in the butt to fight against.
(the Creature Feature pdf is wonderful!)

Unnamed Alien WS 5, BS -, S 5, T 5, W 1, I 7, A 4, Ld 10, Sv 6+ Cost 58 points.

Duplicating - if 2 casualties are inflicted, roll a d6. On a 5 or 6, one of the casualties becomes an exact duplicate of this creature except that it is not duplicating.

Rending Claws - close combat attacks have the rending special rule

Fission - when killed, the creature will produce 3 new creatures with the following profile
WS 4, BS -, S 3, T 3, W 1, I 4, A 1, Ld 10, Sv 6+

Essentially, the idea is to get a few of these into close combat and produce some duplicates. Then any duplicate or original who is killed produces 3 new creatures. I think they're a bit expensive. But they would be fun for a hunt & kill mission.
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