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Default TAu'en

I donít know were to post this so if this is in the wrong area please just tell me.

I have just been thinking about the Tau army I am going to make and I though I might post some of my ideas for them here. They are going to be called the Tau'en they will have black cloths and radish brown armour also I will give them white markings. The reason my Tau are going to be red is because firstly they are very ceremonial and secondly they think of them selves are extremely good warriors so they recon that they have no need for camouflage. They are going to be form a planet called Tauíen the sister planet of Tau (I made it up LOL) the world is allot like earth except they isnít as much water and larger/more cityís. There army will be mainly comprised of infantry with 1 maybe 2 heavy supports and a couple of fast attacks.

I will post more here soon and if you have any ideas for this or comments or questions please reply.

here is my idea for there codex cover.

Iím sorry if the image doesnít come up pleas tell me and ill just put a photo bucket link.
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Default Re: TAu'en

no picture came up.

um, sounds iffy...you need to think more about the story...and how its planet came into existance...

you might not want to create a whole other tau planet and army...
*slash* where else are you going with it? are they going to be close combat, better range..more even?
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Default Re: TAu'en

Yeah... you need to put that on Photobucket. You can't link things from your hard drive without attaching them (under advanced options)
Originally Posted by Komrad
By the Holy Beard of the Prophet!
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