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Robotech 40K rules
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Default Robotech 40K rules

Thats right everyone, this has become my new project.

Everyone knows that Crisis suits were easily ripped off of our favorite childhood cartoon shows... and since the 1/200 scale robotech models are about the same size as a crisis suit.. i chose to make an army out of them... getting the models will be a pain, since they are no longer made. I will give you the details that i have worked out thus far.

Special Army Rules.

Variable Robotechnology allows for the mobile suits to transform between their modes quickly, sometimes in less then a second! Each turn before the movement phase has begun, declare a 'mode' for each variable unit. The three standard modes are:

Guardian: This is the bipedal 'warrior' mode of the suit, standing on two legs like a man, and aided with powerful retro thrusters, in guardian mode, it counts as being "Jet Infantry" (6 inches in move, 6 in assault anywhere it wants)

Gerwalk: This form utilizes the flexibility of Guardian with the speed of fighter mode. In this mode, it counts as "jump" or "flyer" infantry. (can move 12 inches in movement, can assault 6 inches but only if going into close combat)

Fighter: in this form, the model takes to the sky as it transforms into its high speed jet fighter mode and uses standard Flyer rules. Note: most Variable models do not have an armor value, so they can be wounded as normal, and instant killed when it comes to double toughness.
Note: All VF-1X models, unless specified, are variable

Variable Weapon Certain weapons are designed for certain variable modes, and cannot be used in others.
Example: Long Range Missile: (Variable weapon: Fighter) S:8 AP3

Mobile Equipment All equipment designed for the Variable combat suits were designed for high mobility despite size and weight, thus, rapid fire weapons always fire full range. they can also fire all of their weapons (Save missiles) during the shooting phase

Internal Nuclear cores that power the suits are highly explosive! when a model dies, roll d6 for blast radius, anything in that radius takes a wound on 4+

And now the army...


VF-1J Valkyrie
The VF-1J is the most common Valkyrie model in service of the UN Spacey Forces. It is capable of traveling constantly at super-sonic speeds, space-capable and is able to hold an impressive array of weapons, making it incredibly versitile in combat.

80 Points per Model
1-3 VF-1J per wing
1 VF-1J may be upgraded to a wing leader for 15 points.
VF-1J: WS: 3 BS:4 S:5 T:3 W:1 I:3 A:2 Sv:4+ Ld. 8
wing Leader: WS:4 BS:4 S:5 T:5 W:1 I:3 A:2 Sv:4+ Ld 8

Equipment: The VF-1J comes with a GU-11 Tri-barrel Gatling gun and a twin linked Laser cannon (NOT A LASCANNON) as standard. and can be equiped with four underwing Long Range missiles (10 pts per missile)

GU-11 Gatling gun: S 4 AP 4 Assault 2 24 inch range
Twin Linked Laser Cannon(Variable Weapon: Fighter/Gerwalk): S 3 AP 6 rapid fire 24 inch range
Long Range Missile: S 7 AP 4 (variable weapon: Fighter) 48 inch range heavy 1

VF-1A Fighter Valkyrie
This style of valkyrie was used by the legendary Max and Lilia Sterling, both were talented martial artists and used their technique in their battlesuits. because of this trend, fighters who preferr close combat tend to select this version of Valkyrie. While not being significantly different from the VF-1J, the pilots tend to enjoy a more "in close and personal" form of combat.

80 Points per Model
1-3 in a wing
1 VF-1A can be upgraded to Wing Leader at a cost of 15 points

VF-1A: WS: 4 BS:3 S:5 T:3 W:1 I:3 A:2 Sv:4+ Ld.8
Wing Leader: WS: 4 BS:3 S:5 T:3 W:1 I:3 A:2 Sv:4+ Ld8

Equipment: The Wing leader is selected for his impressive close combat abilities, and thus, is counted as having a power fist at a cost of 20 points This weapon can only be used in Gerwalk or Guardian modes. All are equipped with GU-11 Gatling guns and Twin Linked Laser Cannons. VF-1A's cannot purchase wing mounted missiles due to their high risk in close combat.


0-1 VF-1S Super Valkyrie
The favored design used by Capitans, this model was used by the legendary Rick Hunter and Roy Fokker. Unlike its other cousins, it is able to be equipped with the FAST Pack System. These newer models are meant for those pilots who are particularly talented and capable in the field.

A wing of VF-1S consists of 1-3 models.
each model costs 90 points. Each model can be upgraded to have a FAST pack for an additional 40 points. one model can be upgraded to a Squadron Leader for an additional 15 points.

VF-1S: WS: 4 BS:4 S:5 T:3 W:1 I:3 A:2 Sv:4(3)+ Ld. 8
Squadron Leader: WS: 4 BS:4 S:5 T:3 W:1 I:3 A:2 Sv:4(3)+ Ld.9

Equipment: Each VF-1S is armed with a GU-11 Gatling Gun and twin linked laser cannons. They may be equipped four Long Range Missiles for 10 points each. the FAST Pack System conveys a +1 armor save, and equips them with a Mini-Missile Launcher. The Squadron Leader's FAST pack is equipped with an additional Heavy Beam Cannon

Mini Missile Launcher(Variable weapon: Fighter) : S5 AP5 Heavy5 Barrage +2d6 Armor Penetration, 36 inch range

Heavy Beam Cannon*(variable weapon:Guardian/Fighter): S9 Ap 1 Heavy 1 60 inch range
*If this weapon is fired, the Squadron Commander cannot fire any other weapon this combat round. If fired in Guardian mode, the weapon cannot be fired if the model moved, standard Heavy weapons rules apply.

0-1 Armored Valkyrie
These valkyries have been equipped with massive armor plates and missile launchers, so bulky that the mobile suit cannot transform out of guardian mode! it also is too heavy for the jet boosters on its back to make it an effective jet-infantry unit. It makes up for this with the blistering array of firepower it can unleash on the feild.

A Squadron of Armored valkyries Consists of 1-2 armored valkyries
100 Points per model.

Armored Valkyrie: WS: 3 BS:- S:5 T:5 W:2 I:2 A:1 Sv:2+ Ld 8

The Armored Valkyrie is equipped with twin linked Mini Missile Launchers and eight Long Range Missile launchers. These weapons were designed to be fired from the suit to provide heavy weapons support for other valkyries. This unit is stuck in Guardian mode and does not move an extra 6 inches in the assault phase. It can, however, fire both weapons if it moved with no penalty.

Fast Attack

VF-1D Scout Valkyrie

the VF-1D, not being much different then the VF-1J aside from a more advanced sensory system and slightly heavier armor is commonly granted to scout parties patrolling UN Spacey territory, thusly it is equipped with advanced engines and special equipment to get information to the oncoming UN Spacey forces.

VF-1D Wings come in squads of 1 unit. this unit does not need to make a last man standing roll.
a VF-1D costs 95 points

VF-1D WS: 3 BS:3 S:5 T:3 W:1 I:4 A:2 Sv:3+ Ld 8

Equipment: The VF-1D is equipped with a GU-11 Gatling gun and a twin linked laser cannon. It comes with a Positional Beacon.

Special Rules:
Positional beacon: This advanced probe gives pinpoint information on the surrounding area and terrain, allowing forces to arrive on scene with perfect knowledge of the terrain. When it comes time to deep strike, place a marker on the board anywhere up to 12 inches from the VF-1D (maximum of three markers for each VF-1D. if a deep strike roll is successful, the models may choose to land at one of the beacons without rolling scatter dice.
Coming in Fast!: VF-1D's always spend the first turn in Gerwalk mode
Scout: VF-1D's have scout movement as explained in the rulebook.

Heavy Support:

Spartan Combat Destroid
The spartan Destroid was designed to deal with the fundamental problem with all destroids, which is close combat issues. Its massive, reinforced claws give it enough crushing force to pry open a Monster Mac 2! Given the "billy club', it becomes more effective at dealing with smaller foes. its large supply of Long Range Missiles permit it long range armor punching power as well.

Spartan Squad: 1-3 Models

100 points per model.
one model may be upgraded to Squad Leader for free.

Spartan: Front 12 Side 12 Rear 12 WS:4 BS:3
Squad Leader: Front 13 side 12 rear 12 WS:5 BS:3

Long Range Missile Launcher St8 Ap3 Heavy2

Equipment: Spartans are equipped with a Twin Linked long range Missile launcher, and CH2-TYPED claw hands which count as having a power fist. The claw hands can be replaced with a "billy club" which counts as a power weapon, for free.

Notes: the Spartan is built on a much heavier chassis then valkyries, It can choose to fire and move, but if it does it counts as having "slow but steady" for the turn.

Defender long range Destroid
The Defender destroid was designed to unload large amounts of anti-infantry fire at long range. Its greatest weakness is if an enemy comes within its firing arc. Defenders are usually best placed in areas where it is safe from enemy fire, or well screened by other mobile suits.

Defender Squads consist of 1-3 Destroid Defenders and cost 75 points a model

Destroid Defenders: WS:2 BS:3 Front:12 Side:12 rear 12

Equipment: Destroid Defenders are equipped with two twin linked 78 mm Automatic cannons.
Automatic Cannons: S7 AP 4 Heavy 2
Cannot be fired if the model has moved.

Tomahawk Destroid

Easily the most versitile and powerful of all of the destroid models, and the most expensive. Designed to take on all kinds of foes at range, it is possibly the earliest and most used model. All of the other Destroid designs take their roots from the Tomahawk (save the Monster).

Tomahawk Squads come in Squads of 1-3

Tomahawk: Ws:2 Bs:3 T:5 S:5 W:2 I:2 Sv. 3+ Ld8

The Tomahawk is armed with a twin linked Mauler Particle Cannon, a twin linked heavy flamer, a twin linked grenade launcher and a mini missile launcher.

Mauler Particle Cannon S:10 AP:1 36'' Heavy1.
Flamer and grenade launcher use the same rules as explained in Codex:Imperial guard

Special Rules
Mobile!: The Tomahawk sacrifices armor for mobility, and has the "Slow by steady" special rule if it wishes to fire its weapons and move in the same turn

Super Heavy

Monster "Mac" 2
The name says it all. The monster is the biggest, meanest, ugliest thing the UN Spacey have to offer. Designed to destroy large objects at extreme range, No weapon on the suit isn't designed for destroying things larger then it. It is normally placed on the hulls of large spacecraft to suppliment its already formidable weaponry.

the Monster comes as a super heavy Detachment and thus, can have 1-3 in the detachment
point cost: 950 points
Front: 13 Side:12 rear:10 BS:4 3 structure points

The Monster is equipped with two twin linked Viggars 40cm Cannons and two Three Barrel Ground-To-Ground Missile Launchers

Viggars cannons: St:9 Ap 2 Titan Killer Ordnance heavy1 minimum 36'inch, maximum 360''
GTG missile launchers: St8 AP 2 Titan killer Ordnance Heavy 3 unlimited range

Special rules
Cumbersome weaponry: the Monsters weapons are so large that it looses most benefits superheavies get when it comes to movement. The Monster cannot shoot if it moves.

Crushing stomp: The monster is so large, and its weapons so heavy, that anything in close combat that takes a strike from it will be crushed like a bug! no armor saves allowed (counts as WS:2 St.10 strike)

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Default Re: Robotech 40K rules

Hmm, sounds interesting, I will watch this space with a keen eye...
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