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codex splitters (true to game)
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Kroot Shaper
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Default codex splitters (true to game)

At the moment ive been lookin up some splitters stuff, and i am aware that someone did this before but heres my vertion of...

[glow=green,2,300]codex splitters[/glow]


scourge splitters

ws=5 bs=5 s=4 t=5 w=3 i=6 a=2 ld=10 sv=4+

1 to 5 scourges count as 1 hQ chois

weapons: close combat weapon

options: plasma rifel 5pts sci fi hand gun 4pts lasergun 6pts twin sci fi hand gun 5pts

special rules

bio fire: the scourge's save is invunerable


0-1 freaks/hybrid mutants

ws=3 bs=3 s=4 t=5 w=2 i=4 a=d6 ld=10 sv=6+

the squad consists of 5 to 20 mutants

weapons: fists, claws, barbs and energy blast

special rules

energy blast: may be fired in the shooting phase with the same profile as demonic fire.

time assasins

ws=4 bs=4 s=3 t=3 w=1 i=4 a=2 ld=8 sv=4+

a squad consists of 3 to 9 assasins

weapons: sci fi pistol and cc weapon

options: may be given second sci fi pistol for 3pts or a sniper rifel at 5pts or a plasma rifel at 5pts

special rules

infiltrate, furious charge

i'll post the rest soon! thanks for reading
revenge of the robots!
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Default Re: codex splitters (true to game)

i cant discern heads or tails, from your formatting
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Originally Posted by Avor
I would like the bare legs a bit better if they weren't belonging to a old woman with Grey Hair.

Kinda wrong.
I agree with that, at least try to make her look hot and young!

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Default Re: codex splitters (true to game)


Commander Monkey:WS BS S T W I A LD Sv
4 4 4 4 2 4 3 7 4+ 45pts

Can have: Cyber armour,Power Wepon,Sci Fi pistol,9MM,Revolver.Comes with heavy aztec armour

Elite: Cyber Monkey WS BS S T W I A LD Sv
3 4 5 5 1 3 2 6 2+/5+ 30pts each
Armed with:Scifi Pistol,Power fist(built into armour)

Troops:Monkeys WS BS S T W I A LD Sv
2 2 3 3 1 3 1 6 6+ 5pts Each

Can Have :Any standard wepon in armoury inc Heavy Weps and aztec armour

Zombie monkey WS BS S T W I A LD Sv
2 2 2 2 1 2 1 5 6+ 3pts each

Rules: Zombie (same as bionics)Can have any wepons execpt hevy weps

Fast Attack

Ninja Monkey WS BS S T W I A LD Sv
4 3 4 4 2 6 3 - 4+/4+

Has Power Weapon
Rules Secret Deyployment(same as lictor),Dodge 4+ invunreable,Fearless

Will post armoury l8r hope u like

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