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Research help needed for 40K -> Star Wars D6 conversion project
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Default Research help needed for 40K -> Star Wars D6 conversion project

Saw the thread about the Star Wars Codex idea, and figured this was the place to put my own question, since in a strange way it's related...

I've been working off and on for a while on converting all the 40K units to the Star Wars D6 system - to start with because units such as the Tau and Eldar tanks existed in the RPG book text, but not as stats, and then because the Tau and Eldar were really cool and might possibly fit in the Star Wars universe. And because the Star Wars system is a role-playing game rather than a tabletop wargame, which means I could get away with playing Tau without spending a fortune on models which I'd ruin with shoddy painting.

Instrumental to doing such a job is having a friend who runs a GW shop, or at least a fanatic who buys all the Codexes the moment they come out, whether they're official GW products, Specialist Games releases, or ForgeWorld bibles. I have such a friend, through whom I was able to get pretty much everything I needed - except for one thing: The Imperial Armour Vol III book, whch I need to finish off the Tau writeups once and for all.

Specifically, I some of the info from the Technical Specifications boxes, which is not available anywhere else - Length of the units, heights of the battlesuits, the speed of everything in the game inclluding the superheavies if it's listed, and the ammunition capacity for the weapons... (I know this info is in the book since I've got access to volumes one and two, which list the same for every last Imperial vehicle and walker, up to and including the Warhound titans...)

If anyone could help me out with those, I'd be eternally grateful - I'm nearly done with the Tau aside from that, I've got what I need for the Eldar, and the Imperium is halfway done (it's taking forever since there are so many variants of everything...)
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