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Mission:Random Reinforcements
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lonely tau
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Default Mission:Random Reinforcements

i apologize if this belongs somewhere differet, but out of all i came up with i think it belongs here.

now the overview for the mission is quite simple, your army is dropping all around a certain objective/area somewhere near the battlefield, but not quite there.* the game begins with a small amount of points (when i play-tested it with my friends we used 250, which was tons of fun) and recieve an extra 250 points worth of reinforcements ever D6+1 turns (reroll on 1 and 6)* now as for the random part, you must divide your board into 6 even squares (the game is most fun when played with* rectangle) and number each square 1,2,3,4,5 and 6 respectively, make sure both players agree to it.* now roll a dice when you get your reinforcements in and whatever roll you get, your reinforcements pop in on that square, you must use the board EDGE of the square, if you get on a side then you may choose which one you want to deploy from.*

when i can get my paint map up here i will show you guys, but until then here is a designer note, this game is only balanced out by randomness, you can use as many players as you want and everyone rolls a dice for their original deployment zone.* make an agreeable square size (for deployment) and get to it.* now i have so far only played this mission 1 time and it was small scale on a 40" by 3' board, i would be happy to hear any feedback from those playing a mission like this.*

[Edit] i have the map, thanks Alciabites

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Default Re: Mission:Random Reinforcements

Sounds fun. I have a few questions though:
1) Will there be a points limit for how much you can play this scenario up to?
2)Are you allowed to make your changes of reinforcements right before battle or in advance?
3)And how long would you say it took to play when you were playing?

Hope I can try this new scenario out
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lonely tau
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Default Re: Mission:Random Reinforcements

well when i test played the scenario with my friends the board we used was 36" by 40" and they are generally new (i myself have less than 2000 points, and ive ben playing for 5 years XD) so we played 1000 all together, but if you would like you could do more, the game is pretty much all about one side kicking ass and then the other side coming in and fighting them back and repeating.
1)whatever points level you like, i used 250 blocks and it was rather balanced

2)you have your 1st turn, and at the end of the last persons turn, you all make a 250 or under point entry and set it to go, you may not switch reinforcements when you have placed them in the "to go" section (the little section i did not detail, basically some way to show that they are on their way to help, we used paper and each turn moved them up one sheet)

3)well we went far over regulation game time (18 turns ) so if you decide to do a point limit of reinforement blocks then it will only take about 3-4 hours (that is how long our game took, and with three players ) but it honestly matters on which armies and the level of skill you and your opponent is at. i like to think that it will take at most about an hour more or less than normal time.

and on a side note if you have nothing on the field but reinforcements coming, you skip your turn, no other benfit.
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