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Medusa V Preliminaries
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Default Medusa V Preliminaries

[[[ In space, inside the Medusa system, near Medusa V, stealth systems at full run, and the unneccessary system off, the Kor' El Kal' Dath Kai shi Y'eldi was dropping drones out it's bay. It and several other Emmissary class cruisers were partaking in delivering stealthed spy-sat drones that had two missions, One: recovery of the data in space of the warp anomally, and Two: cover and warn of enemy movements, As each drone dropped and fired their positional thrusters, they appeared to ripple as if going through water, until they were completely invisible. The Magnetic spectra was also distorted to render the drones invisible to Auguries.

After this, they would drop some troops by Orcas. Onboard the bridge, Kor' El Kal'Dath Kai Shi Y'Eldi stood, monitoring the progress. deftly, he activated the control key for the comm-systems, "Shas'O, the drones are done deploying, and we head off to Medusa V to deliver the troops. We expect the heavier fleet elements to arrive stealthily soon." The Hyperwave response was an image of Shas'O Kal' Dath Or'es L' En' za' Bi, "Very good! the Kal'Dath Kor'Vattra arrives soon, we wil drop out and "Ghost" our way in with stealth systems and minimal thrusters, the Main force of our troops will arrive, I expect the reast of the Coalition will arrive from the other septs soon as well. " the Kor 'El replied, "Ours is but to serve." and with that he was offline.

Onboard the huge bulk of the Kor'O Kal'Dath Or'es Kai Shi Ukos, Shas' O L' En' za' Bi smiled. soon they would have all they needed to make greater strides in warp travel, or better, and the Gue'La would be too busy to do much about it! On his link to his XV-89b he sent; "Soon we shall be in battle my suit, soon we shall be fighting again!" the suit merely sent a wave of anticipation at the joy of being in battle again! The Fio Engineers on Kal' Dath, Sept of the Red Star had achieved many wonders, the A.I. of the suits being one of them, sometimes they could offer too much advice and interact a bit more than any drone would dare, but these A.I. had to be smart enough to conduct battles and respond fast to dangers.

The Shas'O returned to work on his plans and called his staff together to work out the details. Sept Kal' Dath, which sat near the Imperium borders was prodly taking part in this campaign to support the other septs in this chance to achieve the break they needed to bring the Tau Empire more on par with the other races that enjoyed rapid travel across their regions of space, it would allow greater defense of the Empire as well as quicker and greater expansion for the next spheres of expansion.
Medusa V: All Cadres Needed!http://advancedtautactica.com/viewtopic.php?t=1091
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