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Carnage Revisited: A classic scenario updated for the 4th Edition
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Default Carnage Revisited: A classic scenario updated for the 4th Edition

Ahh Carnage, quite possibly the best 40k scenario ever devised...

This was an old Scenario introduced back around White Dwarf 240. It's quite simply really, 4 players all trying to capture an objective in the center of the table. Winner takes all.

This scenario obviously involves 4 players, preferably with armies of 1000 points each playing on a 6'x4' table.

Set up: Set up a suitably impressive and interesting terrain piece in the center of the table, this will be the objective. The rest of the table should be scattered with terrain, though keeping some clear paths to the center of the board is a good idea.

Each player rolls a dice, whoever rolls highest chooses their deployment zone first, followed by the player who rolled next highest and so on.

Each deployment zone is one corner of the board, 24" from the long edge and 12" from the short edge. No model may be deployed within 24" of an enemy model.
Starting with the player who rolled highest they deploy one unit in their deployment zone followed by the player to their left. Units are deployed in the following order: Heavy Support, Troops, Elites, HQ and finally Fast attack.

Once all forces are deployed each player rolls a dice. Whoever scores highest goes first. The player to their left is 2nd and so on...

Victory Conditions:

When the game ends the player who has the closest scoring unit to the objective wins.
If two or more scoring units are involved in combat on/near the objective the player who's unit(s) have the highest unit strength.
If there is a closer unengaged scoring unit near/on the objective the player who controls it wins.

Special rules:

Infiltrators: See the WH40k rulebook.

Dawn Assault: The battle begins at dawn, for the first turn the Night fight special rule from the WH40k rulebook is in effect.

Very Random Game length: At the end of the 4th turn roll a D6. On a roll of 6 the game ends and victory is decided. If the game doesn't end play a 5th turn. At the end of the 5th turn roll a D6, on a roll of 5+ the game ends. Continue this process adding one to the dice roll after each turn until the game ends. The highest the dice roll can go is 2+ (so if a 1 is rolled an extra turn is always played).

Heroic Struggle: All characters with the Independent Character special rule are scoring units in this game. This is a heroic battle to be decided in glorious close combat!

If anyone plays this scenario let me know how it goes, since it's going to be the scenario my Club uses at the Toronto Games Day in May!
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Default Re: Carnage Revisited: A classic scenario updated for the 4th Edition

I've played Carnage many times. I remember playing it long before it appeared in that WD.

Me and my mates have had countless battles consisting of -

My old Chaos force,
Black Templars,
Another Chaos force.

Back in the day that used to be a pretty regular game for us as at the time we were the only 4 people who we knew who played [we had only been in the game for about 6months-1year], besides the people we battled at the closest GW's.

Was always fun.

Our armies have changed a lot, many new players have been added but the group of people that I game against most still have many Carnage games.

We even had one that was 4500 points a side IIRC on a huge board. We often had slight modifications on the rules you have there though, sometimes we used Deep Strikers etc when we deemed it fair.

Run down of that battle here - http://forums.tauonline.org/index.php?topic=10326.0
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Default Re: Carnage Revisited: A classic scenario updated for the 4th Edition

Carnage was always one of my favorites. Even mini-combat patrol carnages!

We mostly played 1,500 point carnages and they took "forever" with 4 players. Hours upon hours. But they were definitely some of the funnest games.

The armies that were always on our boards, from time to time:

* Daemonhunters (mostly Grey Knights)
* Tyranid (hordes & monstrous creatures)
* Chaos (all kinds)
* Lost and the Damned ( )
* Orks (normal; mechanized usually)
* Eldar (hybrid, wraithlords & reapers always)
* Tau (staticish, always failed of course)

I had the most fun with Chaos in these games. The Lost and the Damned were just a slice of heaven in this game. Way too many bodies to stop, too many mobs and lots of easy to hide things in between. I ran lots of cheap mutants, some cheap infiltrating traitors and cheap traitor recons along with heavy duty spawn. Every one hated the spawn. They just don't die. I used my HQ's as speed bumps to halt enemy units who were too close, or well entrenched. We used to have a blast just having nearly 200 models at the center of the board at the end of the game, trying to figure out who had the objective... great games.

*Note: Infiltration was pretty weak in this format due to lack of actual place to put them! So if you are thinking of infiltrating... take caution and don't over-spend on it.

--- If you haven't played carnage, I definitely encourage you to try it! Great format!

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