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Codex: Special Ops.
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Default Codex: Special Ops.

hello, threw watching ghost in the shell, playing randow six games, and splinter cell, and fusing them together with some of my own idea's, i decided to turn this into a full codex.

this is not a "add in some guys and extend this for me" type thing as with the other codex:whatevers. this is going to be like a real codex, without fluff.

what im asking is to help me think of fluff around it, because sofar im not sure if they are human at all. but if they are xenos, they must be very human like.

also i want to know if this is fair or not. well, here it is.units at top upgrades and wepons below

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~HQ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~

Commander Mashio, reaper of darkness.
|Pts | WS| BS| S | T | W | I | A | LD | SV
|80___4__4__4_ 4__3_ 5_ 2_ 12_ 3/4

when the Special Ops. team was put together, there Commander's were to be the decendent's of Commander Collis. after 120 years of following this law, Commander Collis VII was unable to produce a decendent. instead, he selected his prime pupil, and most succseful Special Opertive, Lumia Mashio. He had recived the title of the reaper of darkness shortly befor he became Commander. he had recived this due to his intelgance attack against Eldar scum, sending forwards 2 teams of 6 operatives equipted with the VERA-AS. slaying over 200 Eldar in a stealth operation, during the night of Oct. 30th,
"the devils night," without loosing a single man, and walking out undetected. this signaled for a massed attack that couldnt have been won without his efforts, and gained him the title of the reaper of darknes
for his steathy killing tactics.

Equiptment: Commander Mashio is equipted with a "VARA-AC-V2" and must take within 15-30 points of VARA-AC advancements. he also is equipted with either a pair of Kunai (2 close combat wepons) or a Katana (+2 S in combat)

Retnue: Commander Mashio must be acompanied by a retnue of either a MAVS-16 squad, a Special Ops. squad, or a VERA assault squad. he is treated as being a unit of the same type as his retnue for trasport deepstrike and infiltration rules, aswell as any other special rules.

Camo and hiding: Comander Mashio can move quitly, stealthy, and unditected even without a CHS suit. and is even better at possitioning himself in a place the enemy cannot see him. to represent this, when shooting Commander Mashio roll 3D6x4 for range always. if Commander Mashio did not move the turn previus, roll 3D6x2 for range. Commander Mashio has trained regerosly with his blades, and guns. He re-rolls any missed hits while shooting and always attacks first in combat. when in cover he gains a 3+inv.save unless the cover bonus is greater.

MAVS-16-Y: Commander Mashio may pilot a MAVS-16 for an aditional 25 pts. if this is taken he looses all close combat wepons already equipted and must take 1-3 other wepons for the MAVS-16 wepons.
he gains all abilitys of the MAVS-16 suits.
this also increases the following stats: BS+1 S+1 T+1 W+2 A+1 and gains a 2+ save.
he must take 20-50 points in MAVS-16 upgrades.

MAVS-16-V 3 3 4 4 2 4 2 10 4/5 50
MAVS-16-X 3 3 4 5 3 4 2 10 4/5 +10

a squad consists of 2-3 MAVS-16 suits.

MAVS-16, or mobility advanced versitility suit, are single piloted suits based around dreadnot's and XV8 crisis battle suits. using a surprisingly powerful arsonal, and backing that up with dependable speed. these suits were desined to be as powerful as a tank, as mobile as a land speeder, and have an overall versitility to be able to adapt to ANY situation. these suits have proved to be extremly dependable, and a major asset on the field.

Equiptment: the MAVS-16's must take 2-4 wepons from this list.

PEAR-12 -pts16 (ST7 AP3 24" rapid fire (AP2 vs non MC,2D6 for armour pen.)
H-RAS -pts14 (ST5 AP5 24" Assault 5)
VERA-AC -pts10 (ST4 AP5 24" Assault 2 (must take 15-30 points of VARA-AC advancments)
flamer -pts 8
V2MP -pts14 (ST6 AP4 Assault 3 42" (no line of sght needed)
~~~MAVS-16-X only~~~
88J-Battle cannon (M) -pts 20 (ST8 AP2 66" Heavy 1 (causes an aditional small blast after wounds) (takes up 2 wepon slots)

Advancments the MAVS-16 suits may take up to 50 points of advancments from the MAVS-16 advancment chart each.



Jet pack the MAVS-16 suits have jet packs equipted within there back. they gain all ability's as though they were Tau jet packs.
Special Ops.
VERA-AC 3 3 3 3 1 10 1 12 4+ 16
Assault 3 4 4 4 1 10 2 12 4+ +0
Sniper 2 4 2 2 1 5 1 12 4+ +2
Assasin 5 3 3 2 1 10 4 12 3+ +2
ANTI tank 2 3 3 3 1 5 1 12 4+ +4
a squad consists of 4-6 Special Ops.

a Special Ops. squad is the best of the best. being able to utilize the availability of many different wepon types, they can become a very versitile team, or specialize in a specific area. wether it be troop hunting with an assault, hitting specific, far away units with snipers, getting up close and killing the old fashoned way with an assasin, killing off heavily armoured vehicles with a ANTI tank, or using the
VERA-AC in your own customized way, the Special Ops. will get the job done with stealth and cunning.

VERA-AC: are versatility enhanced ranged-automatic combatents, equipt with
VERA-AC's. they must take 10-20 points in VERA-AC advancments.

Assault are more equipted for killing light armoured troops incase the squad incounters an enemy attack force. they are equipted with A-A-R-40's, and a Dagger (close combat wepon)
they may advance their A-A-R-40's to an A-A-R-41 for +5 points and the dagger to a Wakizashi for +5 points (close combat wepon +1 S)

Sniper more equipt for taking out a specific target and med armoured troops. they are equipted with a AES-10.

Assasin stealthy and ninja like, the close combat experts of the Special Ops. equipted with a A-A-R 40, a Wakizashi, (close combat wepon +1S) and a pair of kunai (+2A) (the two close combat wepons cannot be used together, you must choose which to use at the begining of combat)
an assasin also gains the ability to stray 18" away from the rest of the squad. when more than 6" of the squad they are shot at and assaulted as though they were a seperate squad, and may assault a different target than the rest of the squad. (they cannot shoot a different target) they also gain much speed due to lack of wieghted armour. they move D6+6 for movment.

ANTI tank anti tank special Ops are outfitted with equiptment able to take down most tanks that would be encountered. they are equipted with a 88J-battle cannon (S) and may take an air strike targeter for 10 points.

infiltrate Special Ops. teams MUST infiltrate.

a special Ops. team must take 5-15 points of equiptment each from the armory.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~deadly mist team~~~~~~~~~~~

10 3 3 3 3 1 5 1 5+ 30
a squad consists of 2-4.

the deadly mist team specializes in inderect assaults. placing mine fields explosives and other traps, they kill without pulling a trigger. these operatives also specialize in hacking skills, and may use these for overloading tanks and other vehicles, instead of blowing them up directly.

Equiptment the deadly mist teams are equipted with a air strike Coordanater, C4 explosives, and an A-A-R-40. thye may extchange the C4's for TIB's (triggered implosion bombs) for +5 points. they may also take 1-2 mine sets for 10 points each. (see special rules below)


hacking deadly mist teams may carry a overload hacking computer for an editional 15 points. if this is taken they gain "hacking skill (HS) 1" (see below in special rules) they may also advance this hacking skill to HS2 for +5 points. they may then take HS3 for +10 points. they may use these hacking skills for overloading computer mainframes of vehicles and even controll them for a few minuts if they are skilled or lucky.


3 3 3 3 1 1 5 5+ 10 12
a squad consists of 4-8 VERA-AC's

a VERA-AC is the basic trooper of the Special Ops. force. they are ment for versitility and do so well. the VARA-AC gun they carry can be customized for different situations. it is able to equip on many wepon types like grenade launchers sub machine guns and other wepons to enhance versitility.

equipment the VARA-AC's are equiped with VARA-AC rifles. they must take 10-20 points of
VERA-AC advancments.

Transport the VERA-AC may take a HV helecopter as a trasport for an aditional 80 points.

VERA-AC may take up to 25 points of equiptment fromt he armoury.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~blade master assasins~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

5 2 5 4 1 10 4+ 2 12 12
a squad consists of 2-8 blade master assasins.

blade master assasins are the close combats experts of the Special Ops. forces. wielding many types of stealth based wepons, they kill oponents befor they can fight back.

Equipment blade master assasins are equipted with kunai (+2A) and a Wakizashi (+1S)
they cannot attack with both at once and choose which to use. they may switch the Wakizashi to a Katana (+2S) for +5 points, and add Shurikin for +5pts. blade master assasins may take up to 25 points each from the armory

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~G8 Troopers~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

3 3 3 4 1 1 10 4+ 12 10
a squad consists of 6-12 G8 Troopers

G8 Troopers (generation 8 ) are the only numerouse forces of the special Ops. they utilize silence more than most troops from other forces, but compaired to the forces of the special Ops. they are noisey and fight with overpressing numbers and power.

Equipment G8 troopers are equipted with A-A-R-40's.

Transport G8 Troopers may ride in an HV helicopter transport for an additional 80 points.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~FAST ATTACK~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Points Front Side Rear BS
65 10 8 12 4
you may take 1-3 QUAD-AI-T's as a single fast attack choice

QUAD-AI-T's, or Quadular Utility Automated Defence-and-Artificial Intelegence Tank, are 4 leged androides origionaly designed as QUA-HU-Ai (quadular utility automated helper unit AI) and served a purpose of helping with chores, cleaning, heavy lifting, and other activities usauly done by house holders to make life easyer. eventualy coming into incounter with a Tau messenger drone, they began being sent into the most harsh terrains as messengers. they recived new upgrades to help them menouver threw rocks and trees, and advanced detectors due to some ramming into undetected tree's.
soon they were seen in combat as one was defending itself, of coarse it lost and was destroyed because it had no offencive programing.
now they are used as mobile independent turrets, rushing in and out of cover while providing back up fire from there "88J battle cannon (M)'s" equiped to squad leaders as the H-RAS burst rifles from the newly attached arms provide exeptional anti unit fire power, showering death upon lightly armoured troops.

equipment QUAD-AI-T's are equipted with twin linked H-RAS rifles. the designated team leader may also use an 88J battle cannon (M) but cannot fire both wepons at once.
all members of the team may take up to 50 points of equipment from the armoury.

deep strike

jet pack QUAD-AI-T's are equipted with jet packs equal to a Tau jet pack.

~~~~~~~~~~~HV Helicopter transport~~~~~~~~~~~
Points Front Sides Rear BS
80 12 10 10 4
a HV Helicopter trasport may be taken as a trasport for any unit specified in their profile.

The HV Helicopter transport is a armoured helicopter used for trasporting troops from place to place on the battle field. altho it can move fast and above all grounds, it must land in order to drop off troops, so the pilot has to be carful to be out of harms way.
all HV's are equipted with 2 RAS rifles, and one H-RAS, but due to positioning can only fire the H-RAS from the air.
altho a flyer, the HV flys lower to the ground most of its time to alow troops to decide there drop location more precicly.

equipment the HV helicopter is equipted with 2 RAS rifles (not twin linked) and a H-RAS rifle. the H-RAS rifle may only shoot from the air due to possitioning.

trasport the HV helicopter is a trasport for many unit types. they are verified in their descriptions.

air unit the HV helicopter, altho a flying unit, counts as a skimmer for reasons of damage and combat.
it may only unload troops while on the ground, unless they use a rope ladder from vehicle upgrades.
the HV helicopter has 3 stages.
stage one is on the ground. while in this stage it cannot shoot H-RAS and can unload troops.
stage two is mid air flight. in this stage it counts as a skimmer for all purposes. units may load/unload with a rope ladder from this stage.
stage three high air flight. counts as a skimmer for all damage/combat purposes, however cannot be assaulted by non jet pack ground troops. CANNOT load/unload even with a rope ladder.
is ALWAYS counted as moving fast in this stage.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~HEAVY SUPPORT~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

None of you realy exist, you simply live to keep me entertained, and die to show me that death exists.

If your taught to love everyone, even your enemies, then what value is put on love?
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Default Re: Codex: Special Ops.

Not only are the abbreviations incredibly annoying and the whole post is obnoxious to read, you have stats that aren't even legal, like the plethora of Ld12.

5 wounds on an 80 point (supposedly human?) commander? Even space marine chaplains have, what, like 3 wounds? A carnifex only has 4.

An initiative 10 model for 16 points? Add 2 points for 3 extra attacks and power armor?

Seriously... next time try taking this a step at a time, unit by unit so you can make sure they're decent before piling all of this jumbled and unbalanced stuff into one post.

I'm really not feeling this.
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Default Re: Codex: Special Ops.

no, i have, thats y its not done. im not done the codex yet. no, the commander isnt a human with 5W, he is in like a humanoid suit.

the guys cost so alot when equiptment is added up. most of them have at the bottom that they MUST take atleast 10 points of equiptment. + they have high initiative because they are close combat mostly.

but i will do it more carfully.

None of you realy exist, you simply live to keep me entertained, and die to show me that death exists.

If your taught to love everyone, even your enemies, then what value is put on love?
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