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Uprising in Kirov- A 3-way Campaign
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Default Uprising in Kirov- A 3-way Campaign

Well, inspired my my story, I decided to come up with very simple rules for a campaign, or just a few games, modelled after my story.

Firstoff, the forces

Forces [3]
Imperial Guard and Black Templar Space Marines
Rebel Guard [LatD] and Thousand Sons
Nurgle Space Marines


Most of the terrain is Cityfight, but a few forests or ice fields, or even feral villages, can be thrown in.

Introduction to War
Here's the briefing for each army, including its goal

Imperial Guard: Rebel Units, now aided with Space Marines, have captured the city under our noses. We need to fight through it and recapture what is rightfully the Emperor's. Using our armoured and mechanized companies, we must fight street by street against all foe to recapture Kirov. We also need to clean up the filth of the Nurgle forces in the north west, but capturing the city center is first priority.

Black Templars: We must aid our allies in recapturing the Emperor's city, and cleanse the heretical filth that lies within. Once we have cleared the city, we must exterminate the threat that lies in the form of disease in the north west.

Rebel Guard: Now that we've taken the city, we need to hold it. With the help of the new reinforcements from the warp, we have a chance of victory, and once we've beaten off the Imperials, we can counter-attack outside the city.

Thousand Son Marines: We must aid our servants in defending this place, and change this world forever for the Changer of Ways. Once we have beaten off the pesky Imperials, we can focus our attention to the un-changing practices of Nurgle and his minions

Death Guard
: Now that the Imperials are driving through the south, we can activate the warp portal, and port in an army to defeat the despicable Tzeentech followers in the city. From there, we will claim this city for Grandfather Nurgle!

The rebel Guard are located in the City, with the Thousand sons in the Center, along with the Guard Command.

The Imperials and the BTs are located to the south, south east, east, north-east, and south west of the city, and the BTs have Thunderhawks with the ability to make strikes at the city center.

Each player will play 4 missions, 2 against each opposing faction. The Nurgle player will always be alone, but the BTs and Guard are allied, as well as the TS and rebel guard. When playing other factions, allies will be created by halving the points limit for the allied team, so that a game involving Nurgle v. TS and RG will have Nurgle at 1000 points, and RG and TS both at 500 each.

The first 4 missions will be 1500 point limit.

The final mission involves a 2000 point 3 way battle. Normal Allie rules apply, so BT and IG will each be at 1000. You may fight this battle with 3, 4 or 5 players, as long as there are allies where there are more than 3 players.

I hope you like it, and tell me if you plan in using it!

"The common soldier must fear his officer more than his enemy." King Frederick the Great, Prussia

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