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Trial by Fire (Tau Scenario)
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Default Trial by Fire (Tau Scenario)

Stage 1-
Tau fire warrior Team,
12 Shas'la on foot (can be given either carbines or rifles or a combo of each)

Enemy of choice, generally the race your army fights the most.
1 full team of basic warriors, no upgrades, with basic weapons.

Table - 4'x4' board a'la Roman colosium with pillars in the pit.

Deployment - Tau on one side, other army on the other.

Victory Conditions -
One side is alive, the other isn't

Stage 2 -
All Tau survivors from the first stage are not Shas'ui, so give them either crisis suits, or stealth suits.
They do not have to be armed the same.

Enemy -
3 of the squads you faced last trial

Everything else
Same as Stage 1

Stage 3
All Tau survivors from stage 2, now shas'vre same armour and loadouts as before.

Enemy -
5 Squads of the orginail enemy

Stage 4 -
All Tau survivors are now shas'el same load outs and armour as before.

Enemy - 7 units of the original enemy

Stage 5
All Tau survivors are now Shas'O same weapons and armour as before.

Enemy -
10 squads of the orignal enemy
(Warning - I highly do not advise doing this with Sisters, Daemon hunters, space marines, or necrons)

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