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Default Containment

Well, after watching Doom, (bad movie but whatever) I thought idea!

100pts of the same unit of your army, and 2 of your opponents.
Rules -
Containment Team -
Loose Formation, Fearless

Enemy -
Loose Formation, Fearless, (Prisoner) altered stats - no armour saves, -1 Bs Weakest infantry gun available eg. Guardsmen is Bs2 No save with a lasgun. Genetic Eperiements - count as hormogaunts, with maxium unit size of 12.

Rules -
Alpha, with Nightfight on 5+ (due to the loss of power)

CT Upgrades -
Roit Shield - +1 Save, counts as Slow and Puropseful + 10 pt/model
Armoury Access - All members have access to the Armoury.
Veterns - May be given Acute Senses for + 5 pts

Well, have fun playing Prison Riots and Experments gone wrong!


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