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codex: metroid
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Default codex: metroid


Ive started this in another area, but I think this is a better place.

I love metroid, so I thought a 40k army would be awesome. Anyone have any ideas for it? I need recommendations for pieces to make a space pirate army.
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Default Re: codex: metroid

Actually wondered about this for a while.

Chozo Hunters would probably be best as a mercenary list. Samus is a bounty hunter, and any like her would probably work on a merc basis.

Space pirates would probably be a good army.
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Default Re: codex: metroid

Maybe Dark Samus as Hq ( echos)
Well Commandos would be good as eleites or retinues for the HQ (super commando?)
normal pirates as troops and maybe metroid larva or whatever they call it.
Pirates in skiffs (from metriod prime echos again) for fast attack metroids maybe culd fit into here or elites
For Heavy support maybe turrets or pirates with heavy weapons (don't remember name)
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Default Re: codex: metroid

Heres my idea:
Pirate lord
Omega pirate
Elite pirate
Pirate trooper(supermetroid)
Space pirates(prime 1)
Fast Attack:
Skiff troop carrier
Pirate aerotrooper
Heavy support:
Assult trooper(trooper from prime 2)
Pirate-maned turret(prime 2. damn! what are they called?)
Special characters:
Mother brain
Ridley in one form(normal, meta-prime- or metal-zero mission)

Special rules:
Omega pirate: Because of agression they MUST be accompanied by a lord. If the lord dies omega pirate will destroy everything in his path, even pirates.

Can anyone tell me what sprus to use to make these guys? PM me or post for codex ideas and I will keep track of them!
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Default Re: codex: metroid

Forgot about commandos, they can be HQ or Elites, like 'nid warriors
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Default Re: codex: metroid

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Default Re: codex: metroid

Please do not double post. Sometimes you will have to wait for replies, this is not a chatroom.
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Default Re: codex: metroid

hate to break it to you but metroid stinks, i mean gees it was just some cruddy money making sceme for nintendo who are now beeing crushed by everyothewr game company, all theyve managed to do is take over sega (wow we just discovered cruddy 2d graphics ) but any way thats off the point
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Default Re: codex: metroid

I hate to break it to you but you're an immature and unintelligent fanboy who has done no research on his topic and in all likelyhood sits at home playing FFXII/Stacraft/Halo/other fanboyish game (which isn't to say that those are bad games, which they aren't) without even realising that he is worth nothing to this world and it would be better off without him.

Here's just a little info for you: Nintendo are still in the console war, you troglodyte. Crawl out from your cave and actually take a look at the facts instead of single-mindedly insulting Nintendo when you know nothing about them.

First of all, Metroid games do not suck, Metroid Prime/2: Echoes are two of the best FPS games there are. It has good graphics, sound and other aesthetic qualities, which I know you fanboys love, the game works smoothly, is easy to play, the landscape is always changing and is massive, plus you have an original backstory and the ability to find information on your enemies through the use of a special visor.

Second of all, the DS is superior to the PSP (thus proving that a) Nintendo are not being crushed and b) Nintendo still pwn the handheld market). Ask anyone what they have for a PSP and it's always the same few games; GTA, Burnout, Wipeout, perhaps SOCOM and Metal Gear plus a few others. The DS has; SM64DS, MKDS, Animal Crossing, Castlevania, Metroid, Mario and Luigi 2, Advance Wars, Sonic games, Bomberman, B&W and Wario Ware to name a few that aren't bad games, plus it can run GBA games so you have a whole slew of good ones there, plus it has a touch screen and chatrooms. The PSP isn't bad either but just because it has a larger screen and can run movies in addition to a few other functions, I don't see why it is better (by the way, research has shown that the DS does have more, and better, games than the PSP).

Thirdly, Nintendo owns the copyrights to such tools as analogue sticks. That means that the other companies have to pay them money to use them. By being successful other companies are giving Nintendo a small amount of their profits.
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Default Re: codex: metroid

WOW! I'm not the only person who has dreamt of bringing Samus to the fields of 40k! You'd need an entire codex just for her! And then theres our favourite nemeisi, the Space Pirates, and ooh ooh! All those different types of metroids!

To be truthful, I'm actually in the process of making a wargear list for Samus including suits, visors, missle systems, beam weapons, morph ball system... the list goes on!

If I weren't so lazy I'd finish my Space Pirate list whish includes the classic Ki Hunters and Zebesians from the older games and the Shadow Pirates and Commandos from the newer ones.

I'm just stoked that I'm not the only person that obsesses over Metroid. If I was more skilled I'd sculpt Samus in all her glory!
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