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Sign up for galactic 40k
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Default Sign up for galactic 40k

I am starting a campaign that will focus on the damocoles gulf.It will encompass many worlds and take a while to complete. Currently only the rules that are not covered by GW for this are posted but maps will be up later. The story will be Tau vs. Imperium with all types of eldar using the tau as pawns to help destroy the imperium as part of their plan to regain their greatness. Necrons will not be included and orks will be integrated as a seperate faction after it has been running for a week.

If you would like to sign up go to http://pro-board.com/index.php?proboard=gal40k&act=home and sign up in the sign up thread.
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Default Re: Sign up for galactic 40k

good luck, but we are still waiting for our last campign to start
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Default Re: Sign up for galactic 40k

'we'? do you mean the WO40K people?

made by KAIS
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Default Re: Sign up for galactic 40k

No advertising please, it's against the forum rules.
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