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Idea for a Chaos/Space Marine/Daemonhunters interchangeable army.
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Idea for a Chaos/Space Marine/Daemonhunters interchangeable army.

Ok, currently I've been working on a scheme for Pre-Heresy World Eaters, which would be Khorne worshippers before their armor turned red, the original scheme is White, with blue bits. Now here's my idea, I bought a box of Grey Knight marines, a Box of Khorne Beserkers and I have models for commanders, I wanted to paint them ALL old school World Eaters, create a pretty simple 1k-1500 point list with them (changing out a landraider or rhino here for a stormraven there etc.) Ok so here we go:
The GK marines are wielding one handed/two handed weapons with a one handed ranged weapon, the KB are wielding one handed weapons with one handed range, and space marines technically wield CCW with bolt pistols/bolters. So the rules on the units won't be too hard to mosey around, but here's my idea to make it work fluff wise.

In the new DH codex, the Emperor gathered the ones he felt were most resilient to the chaos influence, including members of Horus' army who had defected, making them to be the new Daemonhunters, my idea is that many World Eaters (at that moment being War Hounds) who disagreed with the bloodlust inspired by Angron, joined the GK HQ slot I was goign to choose (a FW World Eater model because its that baller) in fighting against the Chaos rebellion. The GK models would be War Hounds untouched by Angrons beserk geneseed (original War Hounds who served the Emperor) and defected Beserkers who had resisted Angron's corruption. The rhinos and transports would be a mix between Chaos and regular to add to that flavor. And so this secret DH group would be actively trying to destroy Khorne's influence to redeem Angron's treachery. (possibly using stormravens for transports as well) And that would be the fluff for the GK army.

For Chaos, it would be the opposite, the GK models would be beserkers not yet fully transformed by Chaos, the beserkers being the ones corrupted by chaos, with a mix of regular and chaos marines for army balancing, and the KB termy model being a chaos champion. Same deal with the transport, some being transformed and some pre-transformation. For fluff purposes it would be a faction of the War Hounds not fully grasped by Khorne, yet seeking his favor by spilling the blood of their enemies.

For the Space Marines, it would be the same as the chaos army, except the marines would be considered using just normal CCW + pistols/bolters. (might piss off some wysiwyg guys) using rhinos and transports which the chaos'ed ones would be considered World Eater defects and the normal ones as original War Hounds, the same with the chaos marine/normal marine mix. And this fluff would be the War Hounds who refuse to fight under Horus and stay true to the emperor.

The only differences in the armies would be that the DH one might be using stormravens + rhinos, the other armies would pretty much be the same. I'm thinking maybe using 20-30 KB and GK marines, and 30-40 Chaos/Reg Marines, 4-5 Termies with 2 stormravens, 2-4 rhinos, and one LRC.

So with the models I currently have, this might cost anywhere from $200-300, but I think it would be totally worth it for possibly 3 different armies. GKs play up close with stormraven support, KB play up close with rhino blitz, the CSM using the anti armour, and the SM using a balanced force, mixing the up close and the long range, possibly more of a kiting army.

I'm looking for comments, concerns, questions, is it cool sounding or not, and would it work?

Here's a pic of the paint scheme on my termy
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