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Default Re: Battle overview

Now against Tau!

Same list, as this is a tournie.

We got pitched battle and annihilation. This worried me a little, as he then got the first turn. He had two hammerheads, a sky ray, a piranha, 20kroot, shaper and a Kroot ox, 3 squads of 10 fire warriors each with 2 drones, a commander, with 3 bodyguards, 3 stealth suits and 6 pathfinders.

I didn't like the look of my odds of surviving. :P Even with the Pathfinders in reserve although their devilfish began on the board.

Then his bad luck began, and after the first turns dust cleared, he had done nothing. He fluffed all hammerhead shots, and all but one markerlight, which the seeker had then missed. His piranha moved 24" towards me

I moved up, and managed to make the stealth suits run off the board along with the squad of Kroot, the devilfish was also destroyed. The ork boys also got to charge the Piranha, in which a few died, but they immobilised it, and took off the fusion blaster, and a seeker.

His second turn, was like his first, except he immobilised and took the main gun, off my looted wagon. His pathfinders came in, and I lost some more boys. He also killed 2 Deffkoptas.

I then got to charge. And wiped out most of his army. After this turn ended, he had a Hammerhead with out its main gun or side guns, his commander, in combat with my bikes and some fire warriors in combat with 3 Deffkoptas.

The next two turns were mopping up.

15 KP - 0


Well, the KFF is great, it did really well, this time protecting the trukks, for the few shots that came it way. Seems the Mek found the on switch.

Warboss. Awesome, killed a sky ray on his own. But that was all, there was nothing else for him to get.

Tankbustas - Disappointing when they had their chance to shoot they missed.

Lootas - Did ok, took out the piranha at long range, and stunned a hammerhead.

18 Boys - Took out the pirahna and drew the fire of the pathfinders.

Trukk boys - Each took out a squad of FW's in a single turn.

10 Warbikers - Killed the commander and his bodyguard, however also lost some men in the process. Very fast though, easy second turn charge, helpful cover.

5 Deffkoptas - Did well, took out the devilfish and charged some FW's killing them.

Deffkopta - Outflanked and killed a hammerhead. Brilliant.

Looted wagons - performed well, even dodged railgun shots! They then caused a squad of Kroot to run, and also did some damage to another FW sqaud. Who held.

Killa Kans - did ok, killed some FW's as did nearly everything. Didn't get into combat, marched forward. Weren't very effective over all. A bit too slow.


Well I did this in the wrong order. I played Space puppies yesterday. Will write it up at some point.

- Will
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