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Default Re: [bet rep] Tau vs Chaos Marines 1000pts with pics (06/04/2010)





My rear Fire Warrior squad advances on the Obliterator to get in rapid fire range, just in case. The rear Devilfish moves to face the Rhinos rear armour while the other advances to bear its autocannon down on the chaos lord, settleing over the remains of the predator that once stood here. (A bad omen maybe???)
The obliterator is my biggest threat with weaponry that could easily put down my Ionhead at this range, and anything else. Everything faces to turn the new Chaos threat except for my shas'el who continues to fight the oncomming threat and both the Devilfish.

So tank, broadside and fire warriors on the wall all shoot at the Obliterator... 3 Ion Cannon rounds, a re-rollable railgun, 2 smart missile systems equaling 8 shots and a fire warrior team on the wall of whom some where in rapid fire range...ONLY 1 WOUND WENT UNSAVED!!!! This is where I was happy I had brought back the second Fire Warrior Team, all in rapid fire range. I had so far been seriously unlucky. 16 shots later and 1 more wound caused, JUST enough to finsih off the Obliterator!!!

Now it was to my devilfish who shot at the Rhinos rear armour but failed to damage. If not for my advancing fire warriors shooting behind them it would have remained. Lucky for me some could see the rear armour also, hits, rolls and a single penetration. Chaos general rolls again and as before a 6 lands on the board.

The other takes the chances of shooting the Chaos Lord but to no avail.

My Shas'el continues his work, reducing the Chaos marines to two men remaining.

That was a turn for the Fire Warriors, they were my saving grace. If not for them I'm sure my opponent would have got a bit of a massacre on the go afterwards.


The only movement was of the two chaos marines advancing forward towards the commander again, still unable to put him down and the melta not braking through the shield drones saves.

The Chaos Lord looks at the sleek tank before him, the rapid pulse fire patting against his terminator armour like simple rain drops. With a roar of horror he raises his gun, a single Melta shot unleashed. It hits and I roll as he penetrates. It was a 6. In the same place as the predator the Devilfish goes out in an explosion. So thankfully I had a larger crater plate which meant removing some Tank traps to.

This worked as a real big favor for the chaos. The unit of Chaos that has sat surrounding the beacon for the entire game now had a clear line of sight on the approaching fire warriors. With long range shots they knock out the two shield drones and kill one of the firewarriors.

Again the Havocs miss at shooting the Ionhead.[/glow]





So possibly the last turn, but with my luck of shooting I would need another 5 turns just to deal with the other squad of marines and lord. SO, shas'o shoots at the remaining two chaos marines and finishes them off. Broadside, Ionhead and the wall mounted Fire Warriors shoot at the havoc squad putting down another two and leaving just the lascannon left. The forward squad returned fire at the last chaos squad surrounding the beacon but no casulties came from it.

The chaos squad surrounding the beacon and the Chaos Lord shoot at the Fire Warriors killing another two. Once more the lascannon shoots the gunship but fails to penetrate.[/glow]

I let the chaos player roll to see if we get another turn, but we didn't and the game ends a draw.




Both armies control their own objective, dominating their halves of the battlefield and preventing any enemy models getting close to their own. However the Tau had the most dominating force remaining.

Battle Thoughts:
I was expecting a much harder battle on my hands. As you could see it took alot of simple shooting to take out just a single squad of Marines. I guess I should have brought my Hammerhead along the northern edge to hit the Havocs and preventing their cover save. Still I cannot complain about drawing a battle I though I would lose. My last battle I used three Monat XV8s who were great. This time was a proper attempt at utilising the Devilfish. I failed though. Thinking back now I should have had one team also go along the northern edge, but to do so would have made the game play out entireley different.

I will say that a Devilfish definatley has its uses and I did NOT have them preform to their best, but I will include a 'fish in future battles, more than likely take an SMS to assisst more.

MVP: No Chaos realy stood out in this match, just the Obliterator dropping in and melta-ing away one broadside before being owned.

My tau, the Ionhead was not that great, I needed to get rid of the lascannon threats but just did not get the kills to make a safe passage. HOWEVER, the 13 front armour was excellent...with some great dice rolls of course. I would have to give a pat on the the back to my firewarriors on the south edge. The front team took out the Rhino where all else failed and the rear team finished off the Obliterator at a crucial time.

I do not feel any unit of either army deserves any medals this time around.

As for the Tau they do have a bragging victory to take away. Although it is not what counts in this match, below are the casulties of both sides :P


This next bit is not so much story line, rather more a bit more character and life to the Vare Colony as a whole that fits with this moment of a few losses. Keep in mind im extremely tierd but cant sleep, who would have thought it, so i would love C&C on this next bit as if its liked i will encorporate it into a work in progress of my Vare Colony history.

[box]Back in the Vare Colony Aun'savon walked off into the 'Offices of Vare'. Following him was El'sa'cea, dressed in his robes as an aprentice to the Etheral. Behind them was a gathered crowd of all castes filling a meeting section of streets. The dead lay in make shift coffins. The drones and XV88 suit carried off for repairs, the pilot recovering in hospital. The Devilfish crew had survived, but crippled with mutilated and lost limbs.

The three boxes grasped the three fire warriors that fell in battle. The crowd held their silence and gave way to grief. These warriors were of the Vare colony, the squad taken from the Vare Cadre. The Etheral had ordered a "diverse mix to all cadres on the planet." but the common talk was he wanted to spread out the Vare Cadre to weaken them and make sure that Shas'O Vare Va're Rex did not become to powerful.

Rumors spread of what realy happend on the battlefield as information leaked from the Offices of Vare. Talks of Aun'savons forces holding back and sending forward the Vare troops, unsupported. How El'sa'cea took minor hits to his armour before calling the retreat, his protective shield drones still operational, another two teams of warriors under his command along with a gunship. All the Tau knew victory could have been achieved and many jokes came of the cowardly act.

The crowd came to a silence as the surviving five warriors of the Vare team walked through the crowd trailed by a devilfish running on low power, only just off the floor but producing minimal sound. One by one the five team members, all still suited in the dirt and blood spattered armour, closed up the coffins and loaded them into the 'fish. They left the crowd, heading for the fire warrior Vare Training Camp within the city. Inside was the hall of dead. A room of total darkness where the walls, floors and ceilings were all touch sensitive programs. At the center the three coffins lay closed. The team walked in, every foot step activating sensory nodes in the floor that gave off a light halo glow around their prints. Standing around the coffins the halos faded and the room fell to darkness. The floor broke and the coffins began to fall under. Scans were made of the deceased before an automated system incenerated the warriors. Once the floor returned, clean and free from ash and the room was dark once more, the walls began to give life. A single image of the dead was now present on one of the walls, each ghost having a wall to themselves. The technology made the images 3D and life like.

The five warriors turned to face one of their fellow team mates. They removed their helmets and looked soulfully upon the bonded bretheren. Taking in turns they began to recite the history of the fallen brother. Over the following few rotaa the team listed the details of each, their names, family, place of birth and extended in to reliving all the shared experiances of battle, the encounters on strange and wonderous planets, the heroics of saving lifes and showing mercy to Gue, down to the gritty nights of drinking ilegal substances in the baracks in their youth.

When they had finished the warriors left in silence, not making eye contact with anyone. Once they had left the training grounds the family of the fallen Tau entered the rooms. Again a halo lighted up the foot steps as they stood before their lost sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, fathers and mothers. To each family their relation began to speak; but their words were filled with the voices of the five other team mates.

This was the tradition of Vare, that no warrior was ever forgotten. The emotions connected to the fallen can never be written down and so instead of a written wall of the dead, this computer bank recorded the details of every tau member by taking verbal accounts. It was those closest to the Tau that spoke of the events and as fire warriors they were normaly closest to the team they were bonded to.

With the recital finished, the family having heard every heroic and disgraceful detail, an army of Tau apeared behind the fallen three. Slowly they glided back to join the ranks of the dead.

[center]This was 'The Heros Hall'

Where every Fire Warrior born on Vare would never be forgotten.

Every Vare Warrior is a cherished soul.
Every Vare death an unforgiving loss.
Forever watched over by the 'Shadows of Souls'.
Tau Vs. Space Marines 4-W 1-D 1-L
Tau Vs. Chaos Marines 3-W 1-D 0-L
Tau Vs. Tyranids 0-W 0-D 1-L

Tyranids Vs. Chaos Marines 3-W 0-D 0-L
Tyranids Vs. Space Marines 2-W 0-D 0-L
Tyranids Vs. Tau 1-W 0-D 0-L

Va're'x Campaign Battle #1 ---Va're'x Campaign Battle #2 ---Va're'x Campaign Battle #3 ---Va're'x Campaign Battle #4 ---Va're'x Campaign Battle #5 --- Va're'x Campaign Battle #6
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