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Default Re: Vare Campaign - your thoughts apreciated

an idea i have for one army is something completely out of the norm. great concept but i can see people will moan or pick at it instead of enjoying it for what it is. still critisim can be ignored or taken on to help improve.

its like in the retail business. the customer is not ALWAYS right. if they say the carpet should smell like puke dosnt mean you will throw up all over it lol.

its trying to get people to be happy with what you can give at the same time as having your own image.

so this campaign i want it to be twisted in many ways. my tau, they are not so much spies. more a cadre that got contempt where they were and no longer seeked for the greater good and settled down. a tau son who learned of this disgrace and so went off into the tau empire and made a name for himself, expanded the borders of the greater good but thats not why he did it, he wanted to bring the Fire Warrior name back to his family line. but overall the planet stayed quiet, unimportant, making the effort not to pick up important communication lines. so a busy spy port may not work.

the space marines, maybe saw that a tiny outpost picked up on one of their communications. not of anything important just a recipe for some good soup, but it was enough to yulk these marines off. steal their soup recipe, how dare they!!!! (just joking, il let my mate try and think of a reason for his army to be there, if not its for the soup recipe, to purge all computer systems so that no tau shall remain in pocession of it lol)

3rd army, great idea i have and i dont think ive seen anything like it yet. i think alot of people could enjoy it but then again it could anoy alot of people as its one of those thoughts of 'what if' that will always stick to the back of your mind. at least i think. some will say great, others would say that just would not happen. i say why not? we have over 40 millennia to play with lol

4th army. no idea. closer to the time i may need some help, but ive not even had a chance to look at his codex yet so will bug my mate for it lol.
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