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Default Vare Campaign - your thoughts apreciated

so in a couple months me and some mates will be running a little campaign and well im the one that likes to write and take pics lol. so heres a tiny little snippet of whats to come. ive tried a new style of writing and would like to know if the basic idea sounds any good?

Vare Campaign

Vare is an isolated planet that slowly drifts between Tau and Imperial space.

The only rock with an atmosphere to orbit itís sun, yet many planet sized asteroids orbit with no trace of air or life. This lone dweller of the void receives light but no heat, has air but no life, a history but forgotten. The entire surface has frozen taking hold of trees and fields, trapping all in a tomb of ice and burying everything under millennia of snow and frost.

From the peaks of the highest mountains to the sandy deserts of the equator the planets chilling skin hides the features that makes Vare beautiful.

For millennia Vare has held its prize, a history from before man or Eldar began to crawl. But with the clashing of two armies, a thirst for blood and for glory, cracks are forced into the ice of Varesí depths unleashing the dream that grew out from Vareís once flowing seas. As blood spills and stains the surface a storm grows above, beyond the skies and into the darkness. The warp grows ever more and before long hell rains to Vare, bringing the nightmare that Vare witnessed once before.

Despite all the knowledge that Vare has, the memories of ancient civilisations, the histories of billions of souls, the horrors and the delights of those forgotten - Vare is just a planet. Drifting aimlessly around an un-named star and watching the repetition of war. Not a whisper is said to those who cannot listen.

So the planets and the stars of the galaxy look down upon their sister, the only ones to hear her call, after such a long silence Vare has returned with a tale to tell.
Tau Vs. Space Marines 4-W 1-D 1-L
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Tyranids Vs. Chaos Marines 3-W 0-D 0-L
Tyranids Vs. Space Marines 2-W 0-D 0-L
Tyranids Vs. Tau 1-W 0-D 0-L

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