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Default The Dark Truth (Redux)

Here is a story of what happens when you ignore History and forget to learn from It. Remember and you will win the war.


Somethings are better left unknown


Across the battle field, the dust was settling down. What Dark Kin were left alive had fled or were fleeing through their webway portal. Leaving behind their dead.

The Scorpion Exarch looked over to the Autarch, who simply nodded. No more was required, the exarch turned around made a quick sign and he followed their Fallen Kin through the portal, knowing full well that he was not alone despite not hearing his men. They would scout ahead and report back for the counter-assault. Let's just hope it would not be too late for the captives.

As always the Webway was confusing with it's countless paths and tunnels. Tracking down the enemy would not be easy, but easy was for Guardians, his men and him were professionals and they would find them. He quickly looked around at the option presented to him by his surrounding and went into a tunnel to his far left. Other units would take different route thus increasing their chance of finding them.

Chapter 1

Navigating the Webway was not easy, tracking someone even less, but the Exarch kept moving forward. The surrounding was alien, neither material or immaterial, the Webway was both and neither: the prism of color between shadow and light.

He carefully took his men through the maze of passage and corridor, stopping at each intersection in order to find a small clue -any clue of the Dark Kin passage. Sometimes he would notice someting: a foot step, a piece of metal, a faint lingering odor which would indicate where to go; sometimes he simply had to go by instinct and hoped he chose the right path.

For several hours, he was making his way through tunnels and corridor hoping he was heading in the right direction all the while thinking of the poor soul that were captured. Eventually, he noticed something. It was a faint shift in the air. He smiled under his mask for he knew that he was getting near. He carefully and slowly made his way toward the wind and after a brief time the corridor opened up.

In front of him was a depression in the Webway several miles wide and deep. In the far end of it, he was able to see a dark twisted tower looming over smaller building and raiders and ravagers could be seen flying in the air around the settlement meanwhile shadows that were no bigger then ants could be seen moving around the building.

As he was about to go down into this depression, something caught his eyes, something was odd. At first he wasn't quite sure what it was then it dawn on him. some of those ground figures were bigger then the others and didn't seem to correspond to known wargear of the Dark Ones. Had they developed some kind of new weapon to be unleashed on the universe or was it a new prototype?

Once it was gone, he ordered the rest of his men to go down and get into position. Slowly over the next half-hour, he inched towards the citadel. Every so often he had to dodge and hide as a raider, a ravager or a scourge patrol flying by. But so far he was glad since he had remained undetected as he knew he would; moving forward the figures were becoming more distinct and easier to see. The bigger figure were out of sight now so all he could see were some Warriors and Incubi moving about.

"By Khaine!" he swore as one of the bigger figure came out from around the corner of a building, "A War Walker." the realisation barely sank in when one of his man let out a cry of pain. He looked about and got his second shock of the day -his men were all down- his senses told him something was on his right. He quickly turn only to be meet by something hard across the skull...dazed and falling into darkness, he could have swore that it was a Scorpion chainsword.

Chapter 2


Complete Emptiness.

The total absence of everything.

The noticing of faint sounds far away followed by faint specks of colors swirling far off.

Bright light!

The Exarch awoke. On one hand he was relieved for he was alive but this fleeting sense of relief quickly left as he started to get reacquainted with his senses and his body. His head was throbbing as if a pack of Carnificis was jumping up and down on his skull. His back was pressed on or against something and he quickly realised that he wasn't wearing his armour anymore. Something was pressing against his chest and stomach: constraints he figured as he also notice a similar feeling on his upper arms, wrists, thighs and just above the ankles.

He opened his eyes to be greeted by a great flash of light, he instinctively turn his head to the side while shutting his eyes tightly, causing his head to spin and a wave of nausea to be felt. He slowly forced himself to relax by focusing on his breathing then he started to slowly, very carefully open his eyes.

The room he was in was kept mostly dark except for the light that shone on him. He could see that the walls were made of some dull grey metal with some instruments and monitors on it. The ceiling and most of the room was out of sight because of the two, maybe three intense light focused on him. The bed on which he was strapped was slightly inclined with his feet a bit lower then the rest of his body.

Beyond the edge of the light, deep in the darkness, he could feel the presence of someone. There were no sound, there were no movement, yet his training told him right away that someone was there. Watching him. He made no effort to spoke to him: let them make the fist move.

After what seemed like an eternity, the bright light dimmed a bit and the rest of the room was lit up. He gasped in shock: His watcher was dressed in a black glossy Striking Scorpion armour.

Chapter 3

The Watcher remained still as any good Scorpion would, the Exarch noted. His shock subsiding, he was able to to fully gauge the situation and his observer.

The first thing that came to mind was the obsolescence of the armour. He was wearing a very old style that were no longer in use for several least not amongst the known Craftworld, nor the few Exodite he had meet over the years: the style was reminiscent of the style of armour worn by the Incubi. The color was also all wrong, it wasn't the standard verdant green, but black with reddish-orange highlights at the claw, mandibles and stingers. An old shuriken pistol was at his side rather then a shuriken catapult. Everything gave him a feeling of having been catapulted in the far past.

But what was the significance of this? Was he a prisoner of the Dark Ones? He had seen a War Walker after all. Had he been rescued, but held in iron to prevent him from assaulting his benefactor? Was he dealing with Exodite, Lost Kin or worse: Traitor? Questions such as those flooded his mind like a raging river having busted it's dam.

Of course his training prevented him to ask. When capture his duty was to escape and not cooperate with his foe, for now he decided that the best course was to observe and get as much information as possible...and hope that the man he sent back would come back quick enough with the rest of the force to locate and free him.

For what seemed like hours the Watcher and the Exarch were locked in a mental duel. In complete silence. Then out of nowhere the watcher came to attention almost simultaneously with a door opening to his right.

Two more Scorpions in similar armour walked in followed by a man in an elaborate Scorpion armour. Two Incubi were closing the procession. Despite his previous viewing of the War Walker, the presence of Incubi and Scorpion working together was enough to shock him once more. and then his gaze moved to the other man: clearly the Leader. Something about Him was vaguely familiar, despite never having seen Him before...or did he. Slowly the horror of the sight allowed old memory to resurface, the color of the armour, the style, the claw could only be Punisher. In front of him was...

"Ah Yes, I see that your education was not lacking." The regal figure said as he saw the Exarch face contort into a mask of terror and shock. "It is indeed me." he cryptically added.

Chapter 4

The Regal figure moved forward towards the Exarch whose body tensed by sheer instinct, trying to break free from his bound.

"A Fighting Spirit I see." He said a hint of pleasure in his voice, "Good. Good. I see the Usurper did not fully quench my gift."

He moved in so close that the Exarch could have choked him, had his arm and hand been free. Unfortunately, his bound were of excellent quality and were not giving in.

Mmm yes, I can see hatred in your eyes, yet you do not even know what you are hating... "I'm looking at a Traitor," the Exarch said in cold controlled fury, "who turned his back on his people, if only my hand were free..." "... you would kill me with your bare hand, yes, I know. It's not the first time I head this, nor will it be the last time." the man finished as he clamped his armoured hand over the Exarch mouth forcing it shut.

"Yet, do you truly understand what has happened? Were you really told the Truth or did they told you the Truth they wanted you to know. The Regal man said. "For you see, history is written by the winners and never would they tell you the least not if the Truth was damaging."

"Ah I see that I am dealing with a man of brain and not just of brawn."
He said slowly releasing his grasp as the Exarch stopped struggling and simply stared at him. "What kind of lies do you try to pass as Truth, Fallen One, You turned your back to the Light and Followed the path of Darkness and Chaos. What do you know of Truth?" As soon as these words were out of his mouth, the Exarch expected a swift blow or something. Anything, but the reaction he witness as the Fallen Phoenix began to laugh.

"Let me tell you something about Truth and your history. It all began several centuries ago..."

Chapter 5

"...the Birth of Slannesh and the Fall was centuries old. Our people was now divided and fighting each other. It was pretty much then as it is now. It was a good time, we were faced with the Imperium, our Dark Kin and the Follower of Chaos, they were good fight and our people enjoyed it. The same way that centuries before they enjoyed torture and pain, bringing it to a artform." The Regal One began. The Exarch, tied up, couldn't do anything but listen.

"And this is where the lie began." He announced. "Although our people claimed they steered away from the temptation Chaos could bring, by renouncing the way that led to the Birthing of a Chaos God, the truth is, the Eldar were still creature of Chaos..." "Lies!" The Exarch spat out upon hearing these words. "Those are Lies. Our people does everything to prevent Chaos to succeed..." "Oh Really?" The Fallen lord replied. "Then Explain to me why the need of all those Warriors Aspects, and the reason behind the Avatar? Our people is linked to Chaos especially Khorne and His love of Battle, our Gods and Avatar are but one Face of Khorne, Tzeentch and Nurgle. Only Slannesh is accepted under it's true visage." He continued, looking at his captive.

"I knew this and accepted my part in the Greater Scheme of Life, but then some of the other Lords and leader of our people had different ideas. They though our way was the wrong one so they started a purge amongst our people. Then even ambushed me in the Temple of Asur...Yes I know! They blame it's destruction on me, but in Truth I was the victim, the wronged party in that affair!" Here the Lord began to raise his voice, roaming back and forth in the room. "That ungrateful whelp of Karandras even conspired with them to take my place, taking my Beloved Children away from me, betrayed from within, by those I trusted the most." Here he began to calm. "I had no choice but to flee, to leave behind those weaklings and traitor and go into Exile. He looked at the Exarch intensely in the eyes. "Several of my Child and some of our people followed me into Exile and those who remained, rewrote history and hunted us down." For decades we wandered the Stars and the Webway in search of a home and safety, eventually we found it here. in this pocket in the webway."

"What about the Dark Kin?" The Exarch inquired.

"At first they fought us, and we fought them. It was after all our way. But one day an Archon was wiser then the other and sought an alliance, or at least a truce. We were able to work something out. I know have peace and my own small little Kabal, and they have some of the best fighter as bodyguard. It was long, but now we found peace and a purpose in life." He slowly made his way towards the exit.

Will you enjoy this peace too or will you die. the choice is yours." The Fallen Lord state as he the door was closing, leaving the Exarch alone with his Watcher.

Chapter 6

The Exarch woke up muffling a scream. 'That nightmare again,' he though, "No. Worse then a nightmare." he softly added outloud.

He has been a year since his capture and subsequent rescue, but the wounds were still fresh. He had, of course, refused to join up and was therefore slated to be sacrificed. Oddly enough instead of doing it there -for they were properly equipped- he was transported to their Dark City, Commorragh. on the way there was when they were saved by craftworlder from Arach-Qin and subsequently brought home.

But the return was not a joyful one, somehow Arhra's words remained: "Although our people claimed they steered away from the temptation Chaos could bring, by renouncing the way that led to the Birthing of a Chaos God, the truth is, the Eldar were still creature of Chaos... Explain to me why the need of all those Warriors Aspects, and the reason behind the Avatar? Our people is linked to Chaos especially Khorne and His love of Battle, our Gods and Avatar are but one Face of Khorne, Tzeentch and Nurgle. Only Slannesh is accepted under it's true visage." And looking around him he could see it. Was it The truth or was it just the insidious poison of the lies playing tricks on his mind?

For the countless time since his rescue, the exarch though that maybe he should have be left to be sacrificed: it would have been more merciful.
For the Greater Good!
For Ksi'm'yen and the 76th Moracre Light Armoured Guard

I Invite you to join my collective story and to add to it.

My ascension to GODHOOD
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