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Default Re: Tau need warp travel in their next codex

Originally Posted by Circus
I see your point, but warp travel isn't the way to do it. They're going to need something new. Standard warp travel will not work for them. GW needs to come up with a way for them to have more reliable and long-range FTL, but the methods the other races use are inappropriate. Except maybe the Necrons' inertialess drive, but that's a hell of a breakthrough for the Tau to work out.
I agree with that. A while ago, a few of us entertained the "travel gate"-approach for Tau - this way, their ships could move ver quickly to systems they already know, but expansion is still slowed down somewhat. Besides, Tau ships ARE warp-capable (the act of transition into warp space IS known to the Tau, as it is a simple procedure, and their current drives actually work on a modified - and more reliable - basis).

Originally Posted by Jedibean
In the Future Tau storyline the 4th sphere of expansion needs to be an unprecedented level of expansion. Using newly discovered (stolen or gifted) warp technology they should expand into entire systems formerly controlled by orks, imperium and even chapters of space marines with the swiftness and ferocity of a tyranid hive fleet invasion. With warp travel they could (should) become the potent threat that they need to be. Because, again, they currently don't matter. If the Tau were to disappear (either being eaten by a tyranid hive fleet or the imperium finally gets enough breathing room to gather the strength to wipe them out once and for all) nothing would change. They literally dont matter in the current storyline. With warp travel they'd take their place in the stalemate of the 40k storyline and truly become a major galactic threat.
Wargamer once wrote a nice rant about why Necrons (or rather their 3rd Edition fluff) sucked: In a nutshell, he said that what pissed people off was that, suddenly, they showed up, and had, well, everything. Excellent ships. A storyline that explained all the other storylines. They just got in, and took their place amongst the gods (quite literally!) of 40K - without warning.
That isn't the case with the Tau, and that's why I like them. They started small, and they're still small, but they're growing. Introducing changes like the ones you suggested - fully warp-navigatable ships, which come over enemy planets with "the swiftness and ferocity of a tyranid hive fleet invasion", Tau would just be like this - some fanboy's idea of a great race and addition to 40K.
Part of the fluff I like is that the Tau are one fo those underdog races out there - in the galaxy, there are hundreds, if not thousands of small alien empires, some at least as big as the Tau Empire - but only the Tau get their story told.
Tau WILL play a bigger role on the 40K universe, but they'll earn it the hard way - thousands of years of hard labor awaits them, but they do not falter. And that's what makes them such a great race to play.


PS: But even IF they'd develop warp travel - they'd still be confined to their part of the galaxy. It's just too big for a single race to conquer a large slice of it; and warp travel alone doesn't give you manpower, ressources and so on. Consider mankind: For at least 35.000 years, mankind is travelling through the galaxy - and they still haven't seen everything.
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