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Default FALLOUT - Rules of The Game

This Thread will be updated as regularly as I think it needs to be. Be sure to keep an eye on it!

You are S.P.E.C.I.A.L.!
Yes, itís true! Each stat alters how you will handle yourself in the wider world. How each stat works is listed below:

Strength (S): Determines how strong you are. High Strength allows you to carry more, and deal more damage in melee combat (armed and unarmed). You will also hit more often with melee weapons Ė tough guys know how to swing a club!
Skills: Melee Weapons.
Perception (P): Perception is how aware you are of your surroundings. High Perception helps you notice hidden things, or notice important details... like how long you should wait before throwing the grenade!
Skills: Explosives, Lockpick, Pistols.
Endurance (E): Endurance determines how hardy you are. High Endurance helps you avoid injury, resist radiation and insert your fist into someoneís face.
Skills: Big Guns, Unarmed.
Charisma (C): High Charisma is a must for the suave, the sophisticated, or the con-artist. Charisma is essential for getting along with people.
Skills: Barter, Speech.
Intelligence (I): Feeling smart? You will with high Intelligence! As well as increasing various skills, Intelligence increases the number of Skill Points you gain at each level.
Skills: Medicine, Repair, Science.
Agility (A): Agile players can duck, dodge, and plant a bullet in the eyeball of your choice from thirty paces.
Skills: Small Arms, Sneak.
Luck (L): Sometimes, you just have to leap off a cliff and hope thereís a lake at the bottom. With a high Luck skill, that might just be the case!
Luck does not have a specific skill as such. Instead, characters with higher Luck will get lucky more often. Luck also affects Deus Ex Machina.

The starting values of each SPECIAL stat is 2D10+20.

Hit Points:
All characters have, and need, Hit Points!

The starting number of Hit Points is 10 + 2x your Endurance Bonus. At each additional level, you gain 5 + your EB. Characters may also gain Hit Points through other means, but this is up to the GM.

Barter (BA): Your ability to haggle a deal. Barter not only affects buying and selling, but also bribery and other acts of convincing.
Big Guns (BG): Big Guns are anything big, bulky and capable of removing a small town in one shot.
Explosives (EX): Grenades, mines and anything else that goes Boom! comes under this heading.
Lockpick (LP): If itís locked, you can unlock it!
Medicine (ME): Your skill at healing, as well as determining whatís wrong with others, and whether the sticky purple liquid you just drank was good for you or not.
Melee Weapons (MW): Everything from lead pipes to Super-Sledges. If you hit people over the head with it, stab them with it or otherwise assault them with it, this Skill is what itís all about!
Pistols (PI): Any one-handed weapon that shoots bullets, energy bolts or anything else.
Repair (RP): If it ainít broke, you donít need this skill. If it is, you can fix it!
Science (SC): Science concerns how chemicals react, how particles collide, and (more usefully), how to hack into computers and make robots turn on their masters for you.
Small Arms (SA): Small Arms is almost anything that shoots; rifles, shotguns, lasers and many others all come under Small Arms. In other words, bigger than a pistol, smaller than a minigun.
Sneak (SN): If you donít want to get caught doing whatever you are doing, Sneak is the skill for you!
Speech (SP) Need to reassure the masses? Need to inspire men to battle? Need to assure everyone you werenít the one who stole their life savings? Speech is what you need!
Unarmed (UA): When in doubt, punch someone! Certain weapons, such as brass knuckles or Power Fists, also come under the Unarmed skill... for some reason.

The starting value for each skill is 20+ 2x the Stat Bonus of the relevant skill (see below), plus half your Luck Bonus (rounding up).
In addition, each player has three Tag skills. A Tag skill gains +15 Skill Points. Players are encouraged to use the GOAT (see below) to determine their TAG skills - PM the GM your answers to receive your TAG skills.

Stat Bonuses:
All Stats (SPECIAL) have a Stat Bonus. The Stat Bonus is equal to the first digit of your SPECIAL value. For example, if you have a Strength of 37, your Strength Bonus is 3. If your Agility is 41, your Agility Bonus is 4.

In addition to these, certain Stat Bonuses have special uses:

Strength Bonus adds to the amount of damage you cause when fighting in hand to hand combat.
Endurance Bonus is added to the playerís Hit Points.
Intelligence Bonus is added to the number of Skill Points you receive at each level.
Luck Bonus is how many times you can call upon Deus Ex Machina.

Using Luck:
There are two ways you can use Luck in fallout:

The first is to cause a re-roll. When a roll is made and you don't like the result, you may ask for it to be re-rolled. You may do this a number of times equal to your Luck Bonus (so a character with 30-39 Luck could use it 3 times, whilst a character with 40-49 can use it four times).

You must make a note of how many times you have requested re-rolls. The GMs will decide when the re-roll becomes available again, but generally they are returned to you when you A) level up, B) Achieve a suitably impressive feat, or C) a suitable length of time has passed since the last Re-roll was requested.

The second way to use Luck is to invoke Deus Ex Machina, also known as "Burning" Luck.

This can be used to achieve a far more impressive feat. Examples of Burning Luck include, but are not limited to, the list below:
  • Preventing a character from dying due to enemy attacks.
  • Preventing insanity or mutation.
  • Changing the outcome of a roll to whatever result the Player wants.

There are two important things to keep in mind when Burning Luck. The first is that the GM decides exactly how it plays out. For example, instead of the enemy attack killing you, it may instead stun you for the next round. Instead of your character suffering a mutation from Radiation exposure, he may instead suffer a minor illness for 1D10 days. In short, even claiming Deus Ex Machina won't always see you through without a scratch.
The second thing to keep in mind that Burning Luck applies a permanent -10 modifier to your Luck.

Levelling Up:
Levelling Up occurs when the GM says it does. This might sound unfair, but it also means players cannot 'farm' xp by just wandering off and shooting things at random. Instead, the GM will award XP to a party (or individual) based on their performance.

As a rule, players who complete a Quest-arc will be rewarded with a Level Up at the end of it. If a player did something suitably impressive during that quest arc, he may get bonus experience. Players who decide they don't want to go questing can still gain Level Ups providing their behaviour is in some way coherant - you won't get Level Ups for shooting everyone you meet, but you might if you take it upon yourself to hunt down and destroy an entire Raider Clan!

Upon Levelling Up, the following takes place:

At Every Level players receive Skill Points to spend on skills. This will typically be 10 + their Intelligence Bonus. The Players also receive a Perk. Perks are listed later.

At Odd Levels players receive an additional bonus; +5 Stat Points. These can be spent on Skills, and it means that characters can improve their base scores as they level up.


You are preparing to leave the Vault for the first time. What is the most important thing to take with you?
A) As much firepower as you can carry.
B) Radiation suits, Rad-Away and sterilised water.
C) Picks, shovels and other gear for removing obstacles.
D) Fission batteries and sensor modules to get things working again.

Oh no! You have encountered a ferocious pack of feral dogs! How do you diffuse the situation?
A) Find a stick and throw it to distract them.
B) Climb the nearest tree and hope theyíll go away.
C) Establish dominance by smacking the nearest dog.
D) Be calm, be assertive; dogs can sense fear.

You spot on the horizon a creature that resembles a zombie! What should you do?
A) Be friendly; Ghouls canít help how they look.
B) Assess the situation, and approach if safe.
C) Look calm, but beat him over the head at the first opportunity.
D) Shoot first, ask questions later.

You come across a locked safe, potentially full of essential materials. What do you do?
A) Find a local trader and obtain a ďlockpickĒ from his armoury.
B) Blow the lock off.
C) Use whatever is on hand to produce acid and melt the lock.
D) Bring the safe back to the Vault; the industrial lasers will make short work of it!

Look out! A horde of Raiders is coming! Fortunately, you have found an old armoury. What weapon do you grab to defend yourself?
A) Something big and heavy you can beat them down with.
B) A sniper rifle to maximise accuracy.
C) The weapon in the best condition possible.
D) None; Iíd just run for it!

On your travels, you have found a wounded traveller. He begs you for help. What do you do?
A) Give him comfort and keep his spirits up as you head for the nearest settlement.
B) Bind his wounds and help him get home.
C) Hit him over the head, and see if he has anything worth stealing.
D) Shoot him in the head to end his suffering.

A miracle has occurred! Youíve discovered a Vault with a fully functional G.E.C.K.! Unfortunately, they do not wish to share this technology. What should you do?
A) Plead your case to the Overseer.
B) Blast down the doors, and slaughter everyone in your path!
C) Create a distraction, and steal the G.E.C.K. when nobodyís looking.
D) Point out the advantage of sharing the G.E.C.K. and emphasise the benefits of both G.E.C.K.s used together.

Oh no! You have contracted serious radiation poisoning! You are too far from the Vault to be treated! What should be done?
A) Embrace Gouldom, and develop a taste for human flesh.
B) Attempt to synthesise a cure from available compounds.
C) Shoot yourself; better die fast from a bullet than slow from radiation.
D) Break into nearby houses and see if thereís anything there to help you.
Farewell, Kangaroo Joe, you shall not be forgotten.

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