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Default Re: Elysians - Where to start?

1) Anyone any experience with the Elysian models? Good? Bad? How is the choice of special weapons included in the units (Hardened Vets, normal infantry)?
Hard Vets; Min 5-men squad and carry up to 3 Special Weapons as well as they're BS4. Good for loading up on Plasma Gun and Meltagun but preferably more of the latter. Infantry Squads must be a 10-men squad and with only a single Special Weapon available to them. Meltagun is not recommendable as Hard Vets can do Anti-Tank better. Command Squads can load up 4 Guardsmen each with a Plasma Gun as well as an Officer with Plasma Pistol. BS3 but you can rapid-fire with them.

2) Any detailed rumours about Drop Troops in the new Dex?
Check the Imperial Guard Rumor Summary

3) How viable are small-point Drop lists now, and how viable will they be with the new Dex (tricky question, I know).
Guardsmen are cheap. Remember that. Drop Troops can pack a lot of punch but remember we don't have any means like Teleport Homers or Locator Beacons to get us on target and not scatter unless you include Inquisition units with access to it. Drop Troops are very much still viable but in the new Codex, I ain't too sure but if it still retain most of the above post then they're still as deadly if not deadlier.

4) I was thinking about getting a team of hardened Vets as a start, just to get a feel of the army. Shotguns any good? They look awesome, but the Lasgun does have the advantage of range.
You deep-strike in with your cheap 5-men Hard Vet Squad with 3 of them packing Meltagun, 1 with Shotgun/Lasgun and Vet Sarge with whatever you wish. Furthermore, when you deep-strike in, you count as moving so either way you shoot 2 shots at anything within 12" and you're out in the open so any bolter-wielding maniac and wipe you off with a single shoot-out. Just keep that in mind. Drop Troops are suicidal and you will be surrounded.

5) Any colour scheme ideas? I'd like some urban/desert theme, but it shouldn't be too dark. Alternatively, do you know of good pages where they show real-life camos from different times and countries?
Up to you and the word of day is Google

Hope this helps and welcome to the Guard! *Salutes*
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