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Default Re: My army list so far

Welcome to the Greater Good!

I think you'll find most of us here at Tau Online to be easy going and a wealth of info.

It seems you have a good start on a Hybrid Tau list. That being a semi-mobile semi-static army. Your HQ's are set up pretty simply, solid but simple. If you have access to the bits you may want to outfit one of your commanders with a Cyclic Ion Blaster (CIB) along with a Plasma Rifle. With a high BS character and a help from the dice gods you should have no trouble taking down 2-3 marines each turn. When thinking about HQ setups it's helpful to keep in mind what the overall strategy of your army is going to be. Personally I'm a huge fan of a strategy referred to as Ninja Tau. I don't have a link to it's tactica on-hand and it seems our search function is down but I'm sure someone will be so kind as to post the link. Read it, consider it and use it. Generally speaking, the only time you should ever have a Shas'vre in a list is as a bodyguard for an HQ. For all other purposes a Shas'ui Team Leader can give you everything you want for 5 points less. Gue'vesa's were a Chapter Approved stat list a few years back and GW in its infinite wisdom decided they weren't "officially legal" with the advent of 5th Ed. If it's a house rule then fine, but otherwise you'll probably need to ask for permission to use them. Since you're lacking Markerlights, it might be prudent of you to put one in your Gue'vesa squad should you continue to use it. Spending the points on Seeker Missiles with no real way to unleash them just makes for a points sink. I would HIGHLY suggest if you're considering expanding your army to get Kroot hounds. They're abit expensive if you get the actual pewter ones but you could also substitute Chaos Hounds for them at a fraction of the cost. Kroot Hounds will make a huge different for your Kroot and turn them from a speed bump into an Infiltrating/Objective Holding/CC monster unit.

Best of luck to you!
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